Vol.XIX No.XI Pg.2
January 1983

Whirlwind Of Dust

Robert F. Turner

With a New Year before us it is easy to allow the changing calendar to affect our spirits — we are one year older — nearer to the end. It is well to be aware that "life is a vapor" (Jas. 4:14), but I refuse to wallow in coming death. Let us use and enjoy the life that remains. Fact is, I have not yet decided when I will mature. ?Quien Sabe? (Who knows?)

The Lord willing, Vivian and I may enjoy a few weeks at Rocky Roost, our Texas home, and then I go to Stephenville, TX. for a meeting-- probably Feb. 20-25. I'll preach at Cedar Park, near Austin, TX. Mar. 21-27; and soon afterwards leave for Cincinnati, Ohio (Lockland church), Apr. 3-8. The pace quickens. Richmond, Ky., Apr. 17-22; Clarksville, Ind., Apr. 24-29; Greenwood, Ind., May 1-6. We are due in Lawrenceburg, Ky., May 15-20; West Chester, Pa., May 29-June 3; Eastside of Indianapolis, Ind., June 12-17; and Bedford, Ind. (Pinhook) June 1924. In July Vivian and I plan a trip into Minnesota and the Dakotas with Jack and Helen Turner-- first vacation since 1977.

But it is back to meetings: July 31- Aug. 5, at O'Conner Rd., San Antonio, TX.; Aug. 14-19, Decatur, Ala. (at Old Moulton Rd.); and Aug. 21-26, with brethren in Marietta, Ga. May get to my 50th. High School Reunion in September; but the remainder of the year we plan to be in Burnet, with possible exception of a Sherman, TX. meeting in November.

DAN SHIPLEY reports a good work in Lindale, TX. and gives us the following tentative meeting schedule for this year. He is to be in Groves, TX. Mar. 27-Apr. 1; Tyler (Garden Valley Rd.) Apr. 17-22. Then he's off to Prescott, Ariz., May 8-13; and Glendale, Ariz., May 15-20.

July 10-15, he preaches in Shelbyville, Tenn.; Aug. 14-19, at Cy-Fair in Houston, TX. He goes to Rogers, Ark., Sept. 11-17; Ft. Smith, Ark. (at 46th. St.) Oct. 2-7; Westside, Golden, Colo., Oct. 17-21; and Kiestview in Dallas, Tx., Nov. 7-11. He emphasizes this is a tentative schedule, with some uncertainties.

This year will be an experiment for me — first "all-meeting" year since the ulcer break-down in '78. No intentions of resuming the heavy program of earlier years, however. I do not want to burn out — leaving ashes; but neither do I want to rust out. If God wills and wisdom directs we will match ability and jobs, determined to make life a joyous, God-serving journey — slow enough to smell the roses, but fast enough to leave a little whirlwind of dust when spirit is gone.