Vol.XIX No.X Pg.2
December 1982

Cogdell -Turner Exchange

Robert F. Turner

Sometime late in 1980 the Lockland church in Cincinnati, asked me to consider having a written discussion on institutional issues with a Cincinnati preacher, Bro. Gaston Cogdell. A man near my age, bro. Cogdell advocates church support of what he calls "adjuncts and aids to the church "Publishing Houses, Orphans Homes, Hospitals, Homes for the Elderly, Singing Schools, Other schools, and so forth." After repeated efforts to arrange equitable and unambiguous propositions via letters had failed, we "met" via telephone conference and reached the following agreement. Four subjects: THE CHURCH, UNIVERSAL AND LOCAL; CONGREGATIONAL INDEPENDENCE; COOPERATION OF CHURCHES; and WORK OF THE CHURCH would be discussed.

Each of the writers (Cogdell and Turner) would write an affirmation of his choosing on the first subject and send it to a third party — bro. Mark Nitz, Cincinnati. When Nitz had both articles, he would make copies for the records, then send Turner's article to Cogdell — Cogdell's article to Turner. Each would then write a rebuttal, returning them to Nitz; to copy and switch. Then each writer, with his opponent's affirmation and first rebuttal before him, would write a second rebuttal, and that subject would be finished — except for possible reference made in articles on following subjects. No article was to exceed five pages, double-spaced; and deadlines were established. One month of "rest" was allowed between subjects — and believe me it was needed.

First articles were due July 1,'81 and the process has continued without a hitch, so that final articles were in by Sept. 1, '82. However, it was decided (enroute) for each man to review and write a SUMMARY, and those were completed by Nov. l,'82.

Now, GUARDIAN OF TRUTH FOUNDATION PUBLISHERS (Earl Robertson, Pres.) have agreed to publish the discussion in book form. They write, "We will get started with the typesetting just as soon as possible" — and will make appropriate announcements when the book becomes available, probably in the early part of 1983. PLAIN TALK is happy to announce this book, but all sales will be made by the Publishers. They may be addressed: Route 4, Box 358; Tompkinsville, Ky. 42167. We do NOT have commercial interest in this.


In this issue we welcome a guest writer, bro. James R. Cope. He wrote, WILL WE "FOLLOW JESUS"? And bro. David Smitherman (now a staff writer) does a fine job with RULE (OBEDIENCE) AND THE KINGDOM. Thanks to both men.