Vol.XVIII No.VI Pg.5
August 1981

Use Your Bible

Dan S. Shipley


1. All accountable persons have sinned, Rom. 3:23, and, therefore, need the gospel which is God's power to save sinners, Rom. 1:16

2. Getting the gospel message to a lost world is the unshiftable responsibility of the saved. Therefore

I. We Must Speak It

A. Because of what we know (value of soul, consequences of sin, etc.) B. Because the sinner needs to know, Jn. 8:32; 6:44,45; Rom. 1:16; Jas. 1:21 C. Because it is the work of the faithful to make it known, 2 Tim. 2:2

Ii. We Must Speak It Plainly

A. As early disciples who prayed for boldness of speech, Acts 4:29, and demonstrated such, Phil. 1:14 (see Vine's on "boldness")

B. Because if not understood it cannot be believed or obeyed (1 Cor. 14:9,19) C. Because power lies in the truth and not man's persuasive words or his embellishments (1 Cor. 2:4).

Iii. We Must Speak All Of It

A. All of God's word has effect and purpose. Therefore, men need to know all they can know of it and avoid a "selected-Scripture" kind of faith. B. Complete revelation makes complete men. (Acts 20:20,27; 2 Tim. 3:16,17) C. Men to be taught to observe ALL things (Matt. 28:20). Men need all truth, even that which cuts and hurts (Not all good medicine tastes good).

Iv. We Must Speak It To All

A. Great commission shows God's will that all men be informed about the gospel message ("all nations", "every creature", etc.)

B. Because all need it (see above, I, B) and need it urgently

C. Therefore, must not waste time in being "soil experts", trying to determine who has a good and honest heart. Teach it to all we can and let them decide. If he has a soul he needs to hear to gospel!

V. We Must Speak It In Love

A. Speaking truth in love (Eph. 4:15) is not optional but essential!

B. Love is kind and longsuffering (1 Cor. 13:4). Teachers of God's truth must suffer long with prejudice, ignorance, bad attitudes, etc. (2 Tim. 4:2)

Vi. We Must Speak It Continually

A. "In season and out" (2 Tim. 4:2). Always appropriate, relevant and needful!