Vol.XVIII No.V Pg.2
July 1981

Guilty" Via Rumor

Robert F. Turner

A journal that has charged this editor with gross doctrinal error and included him on a "headquarters staff" that supposedly is spreading it, now writes, "...you have not said in print or in your letter to me or in your articles what you have said in private and what you apparently believe the truth is." Besides being slanderous, that statement admits no proof, and offers (as excuse?) an unidentified "conversation" — hand-me-down at that. No such talk has taken place.

Now the editor writes; "It was with the hope that you would clarify your position that you have been mentioned in our journal." And, "if they are mistaken you could let us know in no uncertain terms;" and "we are giving you opportunity to reply." Isn't that nice of them? They can falsely charge someone, and the victim is guilty until he proves himself innocent, letting them know in no uncertain terms. This is the rankest form of unethical journalism. They were informed April 7,'81 one day after we were aware of the charge) that it was false. Over two months later we get the "private conversation" defamation, that they plan to publish in July. So be it!!

The errors are: 1) forgiveness without repentance, 2) imputed righteousness, 3) tolerance of sin, 4) impossibility of apostasy, 5) saved on the basis of a right heart only, and 6) "automatic cleansing." Forty-five years of preaching and writing are all the defense needed against such accusations. We repeat our invitation of May P.T. — if any of our readers think I have taught any of this error please tell me, and send proof to the editors of Faith and Facts (?), 3910 Rankin Dr., Erlanger, Ky. 41018. We will not waste further space on this.


How Do You Hear (Read)?

Mk. 4:24 says, "Take heed what ye hear" and Lu. 8:18 says, "Take heed... how ye hear." Truth is, many of us "hear" or "read" what we are looking for, regardless of the actual object. Some "twisted" what Paul wrote (2 Pet. 3:16) but that didn't make Paul responsible for their conclusion. Some saw, and see in Paul's words just what they want to see, despite his being guided by the H.S. We can not hope to fare better. We remind you again that P.T. is often condensed and should be read slowly and with attention to each word, in context.

Welcome Home Joe!

Joe Fitch has promised to "fill a page" for a while, and we look forward to his material. Joe once lived in Burnet and his articles brightened our pages. Check him out, page 6.