Vol.XVIII No.I Pg.5
March 1981

And To Lovers Of Truth Everywhere

Robert F. Turner


A. Neither child nor slave can be heir to an estate.

(a) The slave never inherits;

(b) The child, only after grows up. When fullness of time came

(c) Jew (child) grown up;

(d) Receive Gentile by adoption; And they are heirs together!

B. Allegory of Abraham's Two Sons.


By Hagar, bondwoman, a child of the flesh (natural birth without God's providential help);

Represents — The first covenant, from Sinai in Arabia, and present Jerusalem, which is in bondage.


By Sarah, a free woman, a child of promise (through God's providence); Represents — The second covenant, (via heavenly Spirit), the heavenly Jerusalem, free, mother of us all.


Cast out the bondwoman and her son (viz., the binding, flesh dependent law system), and let children of promise inherit through Jesus Christ.

C. Application to Galatian's Particular Problem, re. Circumcision, etc.

(a) If You Be Circumcised:

* Debtor to do whole law,

* Severed from Christ, hope,

* Fallen from grace benefits.

3. Claiming to LIVE IN THE SPIRIT, means we must also WALK BY THE SPIRIT. (Our manner of life must demonstrate that we are Spirit directed. This is objectively, not subjectively proven.)

PROOF (To be seen in your life):

A. You will love your neighbor as you do yourself; not back-biting.

B. Your life will not manifest the works of the flesh: (Gal. 5:19-21) but will be filled with the fruits of the Spirit: (Gal. 5:22-23).

C. Spiritual Man's Relationships:

(a) toward a brother in error-restore such an one.

(b) toward himself — remain meek, not haughty.

(c) toward truth teachers-share, encourage, support.

(d) toward all men — freely doing good.

Paul's Concluding Personal Notes:

Beware those who would use you:

(a) to promote their own ease

(b) they "glory" in your flesh

(c) they are hypocrites.

B. Let your glory be in the Cross, (a) whereby we are made —NEW CREATURES.


Having read the above outline, you will profit greatly by reading the Galatians letter through, at least three times. Then, make an effort to fit the outline to the text. We deal only with the skeleton, and omit many wonderful points of exhortation, etc. Also, there is some skipping about in the second proposition, chapter 3, but we believe you can find all of the points mentioned. If you don't like our outline, try making one of your own. You will find it a very rewarding experience in Bible study.