Vol.XVII No.V Pg.8
July 1980

Stuff About Things

Robert F. Turner

Paul wrote (1 Cor. 9:5) "Have we not power (the "right" rt) to lead about a sister, a wife..." (A.S. says "a wife that is a believer"). The implied answer is "Yes!" and preachers have been "leading them about" ever since. Oh how we lead them about!

One man's report of his debate with a sectarian preacher ended, "I want to thank my wife and children for being patient." My family could identify with that, and even I appreciated it. Debating, done seriously and honestly, is one of the hardest works a teacher can do; and places a correspondingly heavy strain upon the teacher's family. But the strain is not limited to special, high-pressure periods. The daily grind, the moving from place to place, changing schools for the children, unexpected guests, finances, uncertain ties — all take their toll. Dedicated preachers with experience view these as par for the course, and learn that they must roll with the punches in order to stay in the game. Dedicated wives learn this too, but seem to take much more damage in the process. And some of the experiences can never be explained to the children. "Lead about" indeed!


BROTHER JONES, Stetson, size 7 1/2.; Walked the streets of Podunk, had coffee with the Mayor, played golf with the Chief of Police.

SISTER JONES, sun-bonnet, small; Washed the clothes, changed the baby, visited the neighbor.

BROTHER JONES, 42 long, Baker Bros.; mounted the rostrum, roared like a lion, acknowledged the applause.

SISTER JONES, gingham, size 12. Sat with the neighbor, introduced her to the Lord, prayed and sang.

BROTHER JONES, striding in front, approached the Pearly Gate. "My wife will be here presently," he said. "Meanwhile, I'll be fitted with my robe and crown."


"Sorry Sir! There is but one outfit prepared: A small crown, and one white robe, size 12."


It doesn't have to be like that, but I want to remind bro. Jones to appreciate the wife he is leading.