Vol.XVII No.XI Pg.2
January 1981

Swiftly We're Turning...

Robert F. Turner

"Swiftly we're turning life's daily pages, swiftly the hours are changing to years..." The Teddlie-Carruth song well expresses this sobering thought, and Oaks-West members were grimly reminded in 1980 that "God's golden moments" are not ours forever. Bros. A. D. Newman and Marvin Staten finished this earthly journey in the month of December, and Luther Baker followed them early in January. We will miss them much in assemblies and in day-to-day activities.

Vivian and I are again in Burnet, following another semester of teaching at Florida College; and I am now getting ready for meetings. Bryan, TX. Feb. 22-25; and Lubbock, TX. (University Ave.) Mar. 8-13. We then leave for Magnolia, Ark., Mar. 22-27; Lake Rd., Dyersburg, Tn., Mar. 29-Apr.3; and Williams, Ind., Apr. 5-10. I will fly back to Texas for a meeting at Irving (Westside) Apr.19-24; then return east to Bidwell, Ohio, May 3-8. Regretfully, I canceled five weeks in Ontario, Canada (personal reasons), but will try to get to Camden, Ark. for a meeting June 21-26.

The Lord willing, we will return to Florida for the fall semester, and for meetings at Lakeland (Edgewood) Oct. 11-16; and Bradenton, Nov. 1-6. Bro. Dan Shipley is also "turning the pages." Early Texas appointments are: Uvalde, Feb.1-6; Baytown (Pruitt & Lobit) Feb. 15-20; San Antonio (Pecan Valley) Mar. 8-13; and Crescent Park, Odessa, Mar. 29-Apr. 3. He will be in Phoenix, Ariz. (Valley) Apr.26-May 1; and in Tucson (Country Club) May 3-8. Then, in October (4-9) Dan returns to San Antonio, TX. for work at West Avenue; and to Freeport, TX, for a meeting Nov. 2-8. He also continues his good work in Burnet.


Kevan O'Banion did a fine work in Burnet, while gaining experience and further training; and now has moved to Stephenville, TX. to work with the Westside church. Oaks-West will assist in his support, and Kevan will continue to write some for Plain Talk.

Bro. Curtis Wubbena has moved to Burnet, supported by Oaks-West, to continue work begun by bro. O'Banion. Curtis grew up in the Texas "valley," graduated from S.W.T.U. at San Marcos, in '79; and preached in Nebraska and at Bastrop, TX. before coming here. We hope to provide him some needed experience and guidance, and realize that he can do much for us. He will "take turns" with Dan on our Radio Plain Talk, and his first P.T. article appears in this issue, page 4. We welcome Curtis, Carol, and young Zac.