Vol.XVII No.XI Pg.1
January 1981

Don't Believe In Singing

Robert F. Turner

We met at the home of a mutual friend, and after introductions engaged in casual conversation. He mentioned "church" so I asked if he had ever been to church in Burnet. He had in years past — not recently. Then he volunteered some startling information. "There is one church in Burnet, out on the north side, that doesn't believe in singing," he said. I asked for that church's address and was told he didn't know the address, but it was called "Oaks-West."

Isn't that amazing? I have been a member there almost from its beginning in 1961, and had never noticed we "didn't believe in singing." Over the years others have told me strange things about this church. We used but one container for the fruit of the vine in the Lord's Supper, we did not believe in Bible classes, we were opposed to colleges, etc. All this time I have been singing, partaking of the Lord's Supper from an individual container, teaching classes, and even giving a little help to young members who wanted to go to college — so I must have appeared very strange to my fellow-members who do none of these things, according to my informants. And in 18 years, I didn't notice they weren't doing these things. Of course I'm not very observant.

Is there no limit to the absurdity of malicious gossip? And what is one to think of the character of those who "pass on" ridiculous tales with little apparent attention to content or credibility? It is a weak cause indeed that must depend upon such tactics and the kind of people who will use them.

We use such absurdities to add a bit of sparkle to this page devoted to "Attitudes." No serious refutation is needed or intended. In fact, if 18 years of growth and service have not built a reputation that will carry a church through such attacks, it is in more trouble than the tales indicate.

But this is a good place to remind ourselves "How great a matter a little fire kindleth! And the tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity: so is the tongue among our members" (Jas.3). It can never be fully tamed, but must be restrained by a godly heart.