Vol.XV No.VII Pg.8
September 1978

Stuff About Things

Robert F. Turner

Now-a-days it could come in any mail! Dear brother Turner:

This man left his wife because he heard her call a strange name in her sleep; and she acted real queer when he faced her with the facts. Naturally he divorced that woman.

But this man had had an affair before his marriage — just a High School kind of thing — I guess some would call it fornication. He was so sorry about it all, and this was before he was baptized so he took care of this when he repented in the aisle. The girl had married a local boy; but now that the father of her child was free they began seeing one-another again — just to talk over old times.

But when she would talk to her child's real father, like in a bar on Saturday night, her husband acted awful about it. He made her life miserable, and she wouldn't feel like coming to church on Sunday. Oh, I forgot to tell you, this girl has been a Christian for many years. When she had this baby she walked down the aisle, and cried, and all that, and got it straight with the church.

Well, things got so bad, and her not going to church and all, that she finally left her husband and married the father of her child. Some might think this was wrong; but mother, father, and child belong together, I always say. For several weeks they came to church, and looked so spiritual there on the same pew.

Then, we had a visiting preacher who preached on Jesus and the Pharisees, and he just dwelt on Matt. 19:9, and made everybody so uncomfortable. It really upset this precious little family, and the next thing we knew the man had left town. He told one of our deacons he was going to take his first wife back, because he didn't want to do anything that would keep him out of heaven.

But his first wife had married another man, and she wouldn't come back. Now brother Turner, this man has written me the nicest letter and he wants to marry me. Since he has done all he could to make everything right, my question is, "Don't you think our marriage would be scriptural?"


O.K., I don't! Objectively, the end of line one, this column, is very scriptural. By the way, do you think Dr. Bob and Lisa will ever remarry?