Vol.XV No.IV Pg.6
June 1978

"1975 In Prophecy"

Robert F. Turner

In 1956, when Herbert W. Armstrong wrote the above, 1975 was 20 years in the future, not 3 years past. We can claim no credit for seeing the utter foolishness of such "predictions." But a review of his booklet should convince us that Herbert knew (and knows) no more about the future than any other man who studies social and scientific trade journals. It is sad to note that gullible people still swallow such "prophecies" from Garner Ted, the Watchtower Witnesses, and others of this type.

Herbert wrote, "Prophecies that were closed and sealed tight, now stand REVEALED. This mystifying, neglected third of the Bible now becomes plain.... The keys that locked the future have been found" (p. 1), "have been given to us by GOD" (p.12). "If you do not yet understand that the 'thee' of whom God through Ezekiel is here speaking, is our democratic nations as set forth and plainly PROVED in our free booklet (sent upon request) 'United States and British Commonwealth in Prophecy,'-- then just remember that we are GUILTY these things ARE GOING TO HAPPEN TO US, UNLESS WE HEED AND REPENT!" "I HAVE TO WARN YOU!! You can read what God says to me in Ezekiel 33:1-6" "pp. 12, 20). Herb is no shrinking violet.

On page 3 he says, "We are entering the very CRISIS at the CLOSE of the allotted 6000-year period..." Then, using a long-range forecast from a U.S. weatherman, he says, "this drought will be even more devastating than he foresees, and that it will strike sooner than 1975 — probably between 1965 and 1972! This will be the very beginning, as Jesus said, of the Great Tribulation!" (p.10) "Once we are weakened by starvation, disease, and the resulting calamitous economic depression, the Ten Nation European Colossus will suddenly STRIKE with hydrogen bombs that shall DESTROY OUR CITIES and our centers of industrial and military production! The very next words of Jesus' prophecy (Matt. 24:9; 21-22) are, 'Then' — not five years or a generation later, but 'THEN shall they deliver you up to be afflicted... etc." (p.20)

"Yes, millions of lukewarm inactive Christians will suffer MARTYRDOM — and that before the anticipated push — button leisure — year of 1975 dawns upon us! You'll read of this martyrdom — the Great Tribulation — in Matt. 24:9-10, etc." (p.20) (And he uses "martyr" very loosely here, rt.)

"This fanatical, unheard-of, Satan inspired fiendish Tribulation and martyrdom will continue three and a half years. But then it shall be suddenly CUT SHORT — by the divine, supernatural INTERVENTION OF GOD!" (p.22)

Well, that's it folks. We have now gone through the Great Tribulation, our nation wrecked by hydrogen bombs, and millions slain. In June of 1978-or thereabouts, not to be a stickler) GOD has come, and rebellious mankind has been "forced into the WAYS and the LAWS of God" (p.28). It is all over, as all can plainly see-- if you have the eyes of Herb Armstrong.

Or, is it possible that Herb is not the prophet he thought he was???