Vol.XIV No.VII Pg.2
September 1977

"Let Us Go Again --"

Robert F. Turner

In 1971, and again in 1973, it was my privilege to work among brethren in Australia. The nature of that work was much the same as my work here-- a combination of public and private teaching of the Bible: pleading with aliens to obey the gospel, and with brethren to be more faithful. Reports of those trips, totaling 26 weeks and thousands of intra-Australian miles, were made in Plain Talk and in other papers. By the time you read this, the wide Pacific will again separate Vivian and me; and I will be doing the work of the Lord in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and Tasmania.

One highly significant difference in this trip and others is that Australian brethren will completely cover my traveling expenses from and to the United States. Americans have developed the attitude that "overseas" brethren are unwilling to carry their share of financial leads and obligations. This conclusion can be easily but unfairly reached, by the richest country in the world. It can even be our way, of excusing ourselves' for doing so little, in terms of our resources. But Australian brethren, few in number and with limited funds have proved themselves independent and responsible. This trip was their idea, and I hope, pray, and work that they may not be disappointed.

Robert Harkrider will also make this trip, and we plan to coordinate our work to present special classes in Complete Bible Survey; The Church; Roman Letter; Personal Work; Revelation, and The Cults. Separately we will also conduct gospel meetings in various places. Total trip, 3 months.

Plain Talk will continue, under the able editorship of bro. Dan S. Shipley. His ability and dedication to the cause of Christ are well known by regular readers, and his efforts will be welcomed. If possible (there are but three weeks to departure date and I must conduct another meeting) I will write sure articles for the next three issues-- otherwise, you are asked to accept a few reprints. There are some limitations which will not be denied. Thanks for your patience.

September 3, it 4:05 a.m. fire was discovered in the Oaks-West church building. Two rooms were badly burned and smoldering intense heat and smoke charred beams, ceiling, and broke major glass. Speakers melted from ceiling, and an aluminum window frame melted and dripped. Origin of fire, and extent of damage is still undetermined, but rising repair costs will take our insurance, plus. Plans have been made to meet in the Barnet Intermediate School while awaiting repairs.