Vol.XIV No.X Pg.4
December 1977

A Call For Sincerity

Robert F. Turner

In our age of intense and concentrated advertising efforts, the finding of an open mind is indeed a rare thing. All of us are so bombarded with ideas from others that even from our earliest years we form prejudices which affect our lives from then on. Customs, traditions, backgrounds of various sorts influence the most insignificant decisions.

The only solution to the problem of prejudice is a serious effort by every individual to obtain and maintain an attitude of sincerity. A sincere person is, first of all, a truth-seeking person. His quest in every situation and circumstance is for the truth. A person who is determined to base all his decisions on the truth has laid out for himself a most difficult course, for truth is not always easily accessible. However, prompted by a sincere desire to be right, he will not be deterred.

The sincere person is looking for ALL the truth. Half-truths have ever been the major cause for man's demise. If the powers of evil can cause a person to subscribe to only part of the truth, the end is the same ruination as if he had subscribed to no truth at all! Such has been the problem of Protestant denominationalism from the very beginning. It is based on part, but not all of the truth.

"Getting to the bottom of a thing" is characteristic of him who sincerely seeks truth and that means he must engage in a sincere effort to find ALL the truth. Any person who seeks to excel in any area will solicit as much information as he can about that area. And the sincere person is interested in knowing as much as possible about a situation before rendering any decision about that matter.

The sincere person applies the truth. The truth known, while it may thrill the intelligence of him who procures it, is not really valuable until it is applied. The person who knows a truth and does not apply it is only slightly better off than the person who does not know that truth at all! The Scriptures compare that person who fails to apply truth to a foolish man who views his physical imperfections in a mirror and walks away unconcerned about what he has seen (Cf. Jas. 1:23-25). On the other hand, the person who applies the truth as he sees necessary "shall be blessed in his deed."

Furthermore, the sincere person applies the truth without regard to consequences. Faith in God requires that we put our complete confidence in Him. That is, when lie says a situation calls for a certain application of truth, we obey without consideration of any circumstances and with full confidence in Him. The sincere person is fully persuaded that God's way is the right way and that He would not require of man that which did not benefit him.

A sincere person is respectful of the opinions of others. He has such a high regard for truth that he will not be guilty of forcing what he knows is opinion. Conversely, he has enough knowledge of truth to not allow you to force your opinions on him either! The sincere person is totally honest with the truth. --- Dee Bowman