Vol.XIV No.X Pg.2
December 1977

Hash Again - - -

Dan S. Shipley

With the prospects of bro. Turner returning from Australia next week, I am preparing to vacate this over-sized editor's chair and would like to thank all of our readers for bearing with us in getting out these past three issues. I would like also to thank bro. Dee Bowman and Jim Ward for their fine articles. Both are good writers and good preachers.


Now, there are several matters I'd like to mention before going back to page 3 permanently. First, with most repairs completed following our fire, we are back in our regular meeting place after being out for 12 Sundays. It never looked better and we've never been more thankful.


Next, in the Oct issue we asked for a response from any who would be in favor of reprinting and binding back issues of PT (about 13 yrs. of it), not as a solicitation, but as an indicator of interest. Frankly, and to my personal disappointment, the response was only fair — certainly, not convincingly sufficient. I still feel bro. Turner's writings deserve circulating and preserving. If you agree, help me convince him! Drop us a line.

------------------- As you may have noticed, we have switched to a new addressing system, which, hopefully, will be better for you and for us. Regrettably, however, the company that sold us the equipment made a few mistakes in preparing our new address cards. If the address appearing on your copy of PT needs correcting, please let us know. If you know of others who did not receive their copy, tell them to notify us as soon as possible. Thanks.

Also, if you plan to move, please remember to do these two things: Let us know where you are moving TO and let us know the address you are moving FROM. BOTH are important to us because our address cards are filed according to ZIP codes, not names. Besides, we have to pay 25 for each returned copy.

One other thing. We appreciate all new readers, but, alas, not all of them appreciate us, as this recent note indicates: "Please, please, STOP sending us "Plain Talk"!! We have moved and must pay 10 postage due to cover forwarding charges every time we receive your newsletter. What a nuisance!! We never requested your publication in the first place. I consider your paper so much "junk mail". God bless you. In another note, a mother requests that her 10 yr. old son's name be removed from our mailing list, adding, "how you ever got his name is beyond me". So, make sure it's OK with them, then send us their name.