Vol.XIII No.VII Pg.8
September 1976

Stuff About Things

Robert F. Turner

Wish I could share with you some of my mail without having you think I attract such correspondence. Maybe Stuff About Things and my correspondents have a mystical affinity.

Some time back I made the mistake of quoting a Nigerians appeal for finances to buy a wife. I received one check, and another inquiry about how to forward the-money — both being an embarrassment to me. I tried to make it right by personal letters.

Thanks for the mail asking about my lizard friend and telling me your lizard experiences. Cant write much more about that, for little children are saying, Thats the man who talks to lizards! Anyhow, Rusty was home only once during this past month.

Had a letter from a church consisting mostly of women. Said when a male member came he wanted one of them to lead the prayer for his communion. I first suggested shoot the man and make a problem for which I have some solid answers (viz., you shouldnt have done it), and I could give lots of scriptures. Then, thinking this might not be practical, I tried to show the Supper is not administered and the man could pray silently. A very nice letter from a new contact in Australia, wants a study on spiritual gifts. (Letter answered, and study is in this issue.) Another nice letter from a lady who thought my note about a Bus Ministry that used a bus and five workers to pick up four riders, indicated I did not properly appreciate small things. I assured her I meant to convey that the bus was a BIG thing, which in this case should have been supplanted by individual contact and transportation. A letter about labor unions had already been answered in You Know What? and another letter about birth control, I didnt know how to answer.

Then this fellow wrote that he had tried to preach a point I had made, and it got him INTO a hole. He said he meant INTO, not UNTO. Said he was UNTO it when he started preparing the lesson. Said he told the brethren not to worry about hair problems — if we live long enough well probably lose our hair anyhow. He had a hunch this wouldnt go over, and it didnt. I sent him some good stuff on nature (see McKnight on Eph. 2:3, note 3) and hope he can get us OUT OF the hole.

The real ego-builder was a request for a sermon preached in 1969. Wow!!