Vol.XIII No.V Pg.8
July 1976

Stuff About Things

Robert F. Turner

Dont know about you, but that lizard really liked last months Stuff About Things. I think he is bucking for front page notice.

The day after that article was written, as I prepared for bed, I noticed a lizard on the outside of the bathroom window screen. He was underneath a branch of shrubbery that had grown up against the screen, and apparently intended to spend the night there. Nothing to get excited about. I talked with him awhile, bid him good-night, and turned in. Next morning at 6:30 he was still there, awake now; and soon took off. Ho hummm!!

But that night he was back in his favorite place — and continues to sleep in that spot nearly every night. He missed two or three nights after Vivian washed the window with ammonia — who could sleep with those fumes? And he missed one night when we had a heavy rain. Otherwise, he has become one of the family. He turns in early — no one told him about daylight savings time — and he sleeps upside down about 50% of the time. Stay tuned — and well keep you posted.


BUS EVANGELISM NEWS — so read the heading on a bulletin article that came to our desk. It gave a report of workers and riders for four trips.

Workers / Riders

5 4 4 7

5 8

5 5

Just why a bus was needed for that I cannot say, unless — it was to give the workers something to do.


WILL SOME READER HELP US FIND) A USED ELLIOTT ADDRESSOGRAPH MACHINE, ELECTRICALLY OPERATED, that handles the standard 4 1/2 x 2 inches stencil. It is becoming quite a chore to address about 6,600 papers with our old hand-operated equipment. Information, including price, should be sent to the church address given on page 2.


A letter from Ron Lloyd, Tyler, TX. says some sound brethren are meeting in the home of bro. H. D. Grimes, 302 Pine Lake Drive, Pineville, La. 71360, and hope to establish a church in the immediate area (near Alexandria). You may call 318/ 443-2236 or 487-0712 for further information re. this work.

Now who says we are not diversified??