Vol.XIII No.III Pg.7
May 1976

You Know What?

Robert F. Turner

Mr. Turner:

Why do you believe in God? A.A.


Why do you believe in eternal matter, force without cause, and order without intelligence? An eternal God is more believable than these necessary alternatives. (And why do you refuse to seriously consider this??)

An orderly, complex- beyond- imagination universe does exist. It either came from nothing and is going nowhere, or there is an eternal reference point whose existence prior to things material suggests eternal spirit. Accepting an Eternal Spirit (God) I have an explanation for force, purpose (intelligence), and the creation of matter. Rejecting God, I have only blind despair and confusion.

A non-believer refuses to consider beginning or First Cause because he has absolutely nothing believable to offer. He would make us children of a purpose-less, amoral universe. The most noble, self-less principles of love and service (and despite mans sinful corruption, these are still around) would be nothing more than a chemical accident. I believe they are proof of mans relation to a moral God. Historical evidence proves that mans worth, in terms of character and nobility, is in direct proportion to his acceptance and adherence to God and moral principles. Man is God-made, and functions best when he allows God to direct his steps.

There is even a reverse-argument in this. Man is at his worst when he corrupts religion. (See Rom. 1:18-32)

Our most advanced scientific studies have concerned themselves most with processes (evolution) and have offered but meager and conflicting explanations in this field. Against the reasonable assumption of an Eternal Designer the unbeliever can only offer the probability of CHANCE, given sufficient TIME. Various mathematicians have taken a whirl at what the chances are and have come up with some answers. The simplest protein molecules have 2,000 atoms, in precise arrangement. Given 500 trillion (500,000,000,000,000) shakings per second, the possibility of a proper arrangement by pure chance, is one in 10,243,000,000 years. When you get that molecule in shape, take a coffee break, and then start on another. The atheist has long work hours.

And remember, this concerns itself only with processes, not with source or purpose. I believe INTELLIGENCE is a necessary factor in the design of the universe, and of life; and I believe IN THE BEGINNING, GOD is the most satisfactory solution to the problem. Many purely scientific philosophers have come to the same conclusion — if thats any comfort.

But I am more than a Deist. Having accepted the idea of God as an intelligent First Cause I am forced to assign some purpose to His actions, and to believe that such a God would reveal Himself and His purposes to those creatures who must function on His stage of life. Until someone can show me a more consistent, workable unveiling of the unknown, and pattern for living, I will accept the Bible and try to order my life accordingly.