Vol.XIII No.II Pg.2
April 1976

In, And Of, The World

Robert F. Turner

Last month, in an article headed, Non-Prophet Organization, we quoted Russell, Rutherford, and current Jehovahs Witnesses (?) statements re. the end of time, showing they had repeatedly missed the mark. We have now learned that the typist, working for our printer, took the liberty of altering our copy. The printer noticed that the page was not filled, compared the make-up copy with original, and made necessary restoration, for which we are grateful. But we want you to examine the alterations and draw your own conclusions.

In the original: The writer hedged on saying this meant worlds end would come then, but he concluded, So we can be confident that the end is near

The typist wrote: The writer concluded, So we can be confident that the end is near...

In the original:1975 is past, and so J. W.s are busy trying to cover that failure and try again. CAN ANY REALLY DOUBT THEY HAVE A NON-PROPHET ORGANIZATION?

The typist wrote: 1975 is past, and so J. W.s are still trying. CAN ANY REALLY DOUBT THEY HAVE A NON-PROPHET ORGANIZATION?

Can you guess the typists religion?? ***********************

Some months back I read a paper, Neo-Conservatism in Australia. The writer cited the June 26, 1952 issue of the Gospel Guardian to prove that that paper favored Herald of Truth at that time. It is true that the June 26, 52 issue carried an article by G. K. Wallace, favoring the H. of T. BUT, it was immediately followed by an article by Robert Farish, replying to Wallaces article, and specifically referring to it by name. Is this honest and responsible journalism? To be charitable, we might assume the writer was totally unaccustomed to papers that publish both sides of an issue.

Last month we carried a front page article about Prejudicial History found in another current journal. We see no immediate connection in all of this hanky panky, but are appalled that such examples from our brethren should come to our attention at about the same time we had our experience re. the Jehovahs Witnesses material.

There is a general degeneration in world morals, which will affect some brethren. But surely we have a right to expect less carnal, sectarian spirit than these examples manifest.