Vol.XIII No.I Pg.2
March 1976

Teenage, At Last!!

Robert F. Turner

With this issue we begin our 13th. year of publication. What began as an effort to reach people in our locality, has spread to most of the United States, and to several other countries. We are constantly curbing our mailing list, hoping to send only to those who really want our material, but we print 6,450 copies per month. There is nothing BIG about this, but a steady mail response indicates the teaching is well received and appreciated, for which we are thankful.

PLAIN TALK is a part of the teaching program of the Oaks-West church of Christ, Burnet, and as such is wholly supported by this congregation. All unsigned articles are written by Robert F. Turner. The local evangelist for Oaks-West, Dan S. Shipley, writes one article per month, and occasionally we publish a guest article; but no general solicitation for material is made. Such would call for far greater editorial responsibility than we have time to exercise.

Our articles are usually directed toward members of the body of Christ; seeking to establish better attitudes, more perfect knowledge, and greater zeal for the accomplishment of the Lords work. (Consider those to whom the greater part of the New Testament is addressed.) But we try to write in a way that will be readable and helpful to the non-member as well. We are aware of our inadequacies, and beg a charitable reading and judgment. Your questions, comments, and constructive criticisms are appreciated. Equal- space discussion of points on which we differ may be arranged, subject to our elders judgment of propriety.

PLAIN TALK will be sent, free of charge, to all who request it. We do not solicit church directories or other blanket mailing lists; and remove from our list those who move and fail to notify us of address change. Plain Talk is printed by Bob Craig, of Austin, Texas. Oaks-West members slip-sheet, staple, and mail it.

In This Issue

We begin a series of two-page articles, designed to explore some subjects in greater detail than is possible with our earlier format.

Material for the Non-Prophet article on Jehovahs Witnesses (?) was obtained from Maurice Barnett, 3928 W. Colter, Phoenix, Ariz. 85019. If you wish more, write to him.

The Book, Stuff About Things

which we announced many months back, is still tied up at the printers. We are assured it will soon be available. When we have hard proof of this, we will let you know how to obtain it.