Vol.XIII No.XI Pg.2
January 1977

1977 Meeting Schedule

Robert F. Turner

Somehow another year has passed and it is time to publish the meeting schedules for 77, — and then try to hold up long enough to meet them.

My first is in Lake Jackson, TX., Jan. 16-21. Home a week, and then to Lancaster, TX., Jan. 30-Feb.4. Home a week, then off to Taft, Tex., Feb.13-18. Most of my meetings are Sunday to Friday, with Saturday for traveling.

Then theres an unbroken string: So. Side, Pasadena, TX., Feb. 27-Mar. 4; Portales, N.M., Mar. 6-11; NW in Austin, TX., Mar.13-l8; Rays Branch, Bowling Green, Ky., Mar. 21-27; Richmond, Ky., Mar. 28-Apr.1; Providence, near Brodhead, Ky., Apr.3-8; Hidalgo, Ill., Apr.10-15; Camden, Ark., Apr.17-22; and Westside, Wichita, Ks., Apr. 24-29. Then home a few days before Amarillo, TX., May 8-13.

After that Vivian and I may take a vacation in the northwest, with some preaching and lots of relaxation. And then West Ave., San Antonio, TX., July 17-22; Loop 287, Lufkin, TX., July 31-Aug.5; Gardendale, Ala., Aug.7-12; Glen Burnie, Md., Aug. 15-21. After a meeting with Lang Rd., Houston, TX., Sept. 4-9, there will be one week to pack for Australia. Brother Bob Harkrider and I plan to leave the U.S. on Sept. 19, and return Dec.13; spending this time in missions and special training classes in many parts of the Australian continent. My book, STUFF ABOUT THINGS, is finally published; and may be ordered from Publishing Systems, Inc., 240 Hawthorne Ave. Athens, Ga. 30601, or from various religious book stores.

Bro. Dan S. Shipley will also be a busy man in 1977. He has a full-time preaching job with Oaks-West church; and in addition will be in a meeting at Highland Blvd., San Antonio, TX., Jan. 17-23. Then, Apr.3-8, he will be with brethren at Fayetteville, Ark. He goes to Sulphur Springs, TX., May 1-6; and to Lake Jackson, TX., May 16 thru 22. In June (20-26,) he goes to Globe, Ariz., and in Sept. (25-30,) to Sinton, TX. Later in the fall, the exact dates yet undetermined, he will be at Ranger, TX., and Taylor, TX. As most of you know, bro. Shipley regularly writes page three of Plain Talk.

Lynd, On Genesis

On our quote page (6) we carry an abbreviated outline of the book of Genesis; by bro. Dennis Lynd, 706 E. Timber, Pontiac, Ill., 61764. Dennis presents an unique look at Genesis. Consider it carefully, and you may want to reread Genesis several times, with this perspective. Im sure he would appreciate genuine constructive criticisms and comments.