Vol.XI No.IV Pg.1
June 1974

Wishing For Sin

Robert F. Turner

The wealthy have many friends (Pro. 19:4); and the bread of falsehood is sweet (20:17). We may get treasures by lying (21:6); and the rich rule over the poor (22:7). Sounds pretty good, doesnt it? Sometimes those who should know better are jealous of the apparent gains of sinners. When we notice such an attitude we feel it is time to lock the door and hide the sugar bowl. We can not consider a man very pious who looks longingly toward the advantages of the worldly. Solomon knew that there is a righteous man that perisheth in his righteousness, and there is a wicked man that prolongeth his life in his evil doing. (Eccl. 7:15 8:11-14) but he said this too was vanity. When we see the wicked prosper we face real temptations: (1) to consider our lesser fortune a sign of piety, and become self-righteous-- holier than thou; (2) to envy the wicked (Prov. 24:1); (3) to fail in our understanding of true values, distinguishing the meat that perisheth from that which endureth unto everlasting life; and (4) allowing the wish to become mother to the deeds.

James says a man is tempted when he is drawn away of his own lust and enticed. (Jas. 1:14) A man who is happy with his wife doesnt go around saying, Why couldnt I have had a woman like that one over there. And one who is happy with Christ does not look longingly toward Satans realm. We envy the worldly man for one reason only— because we are worldly.

The friends of the wealthy are often shallow; and the sweet bread of deceit becomes gravel. The liars treasures are a vapor; and He that oppresseth the poor to increase his gain shall come to want. (Prov. 22:16) The proverbial wisdoms given here are backed not only by inspiration, but are repeatedly proven in life.

Then, we must recognize the necessity for reviewing our goals and the standards by which we hope to achieve them. Like Abraham, if we are forever mindful of that materialistic state from whence we came, we may have opportunity to return. But we desire a heavenly country; so God is not ashamed to be called our God: for he has prepared for us a city. (Heb. 11:15)