Vol.XI No.III Pg.2
May 1974

Plain Talk And Stuff

Robert F. Turner

PLAIN TALK is a monthly paper sent free of charge to all who request it. Most of the material is written by the editor, although bro. Dan Shipley is responsible for page three, and produces some fine material. Occasional material from other writers is always designated.

The paper is published by the Oaks-West Church of Christ, Burnet, Texas, as a part of their teaching program. Bro. Bob Craig (Dixie Printers) is our printer; and volunteer workers of the Oaks-West church staple, address, and tend to the big job of putting about 5,600 papers per month in the mail. We go to nearly every state in the U.S.A. and to other countries.

As stated in our first issue, we have nothing to hide, and operate on the principle that truth is best served by unhampered, open investigation. We do not believe ourselves infallible. We may make many mistakes in content and manner of presentation but we do pledge honesty of intent and purpose. We freely offer one-half of any one issue for an equal-space discussion of any religious point on which any reader may differ with us. Further space may be offered if the case seems to justify it. Final judgment of worthiness, should such arise, will be left to our elders.

We deeply appreciate the many letters received, with questions, comments and constructive criticisms. We urge those who contemplate moving to send us a change of address, as we will not continue paper unless such notification is received from reader.

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That Fine-Tooth Comb

This issues Stuff About Things will be unintelligible (more so than usual) to new readers — and to those who do not dig the style. It is a mock reply (by bro. Jeffery Kingry of Glen Burnie, Md.) to a previously published mock article in which I poked a bit of fun at the stuffed-shin type of exegesis which allegorizes and interprets so-called deep material out of nothing.

Such may be a waste of space to some, but I intend it as an effort to maintain balance — a bit of therapy for those who take themselves too seriously. (This is either an apology or an explanation — be charitable.) Pray Let me think neither too little nor too much of myself. Anyhow, we have dozens of serious writers who bend our ears with wails and woes.. How many make the necessary research to inform you that, according to an early Pearl Bailey record (or was it Sammy Davis?) old Bill Bailey was really a bald-headed man.