Vol.XI No.II Pg.1
April 1974

"Be Not Anxious"

Robert F. Turner

In Matt. 6: (sermon on mount) Jesus teaches, Be not anxious—. Do not worry about food, clothing, or tomorrow. And we, who claim to be followers of Christ, go right on worrying about food, clothes and tomorrow. Is this a deliberate rebellion against the Lords will, or are we unable to control our fretting?

Just in case you choose the latter (like who wouldnt?) perhaps we need to examine the context of the be not anxious passages, and see the basis upon which Jesus expects this difficult and seemingly impossible spirit.

Beginning with vs. 19, He tells us to make heaven our goal and count spiritual gains our treasure rather than the silver and gold of earth. He says Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. We will think:, and be concerned about, that which is most dear to us.

Then He says, No man can serve two masters;... Ye cannot serve God and mammon. A divided allegiance is impossible — and that could explain why it is impossible for us to stop our worrying. There is no way for me to be not anxious about material things if my heart is centered upon material things. The Lord of our life is either material or spiritual; it cannot be both.

Be not anxious for the morrow: (vs. 34), for those who seek first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness are confident that all needful things shall be added unto them. It is when we are not too sure about God that we become not too sure about tomorrow: O ye of little faith! (v.30)

And the greatest anxiety of all (though this is a subconscious feeling for many) is the guilt complex. If I could not believe in the Lords promise of forgiveness my life would be miserable. But here too there is obligation. I must obey Him (Acts 2:38) and I must forgive others (vs. 12-15). The blessings are there, if we will but appropriate them unto ourselves in keeping with His will.

Freedom from anxiety is impossible only for those who have not really learned to put their trust in God.