Vol.XI No.XII Pg.8
February 1975

Stuff About Things

Robert F. Turner

About ten years ago a fellow ran for Constable, in a Kentucky election; and made his plea through a local newspaper. Thought youd like to know.

He wrote: The Governor has restored my citizenship and I can hold this office legally. I was sent to prison for no cause, or wrongful doings.... Im not trying to defend myself. If I had been caught every time I violated the gambling laws it would break both banks to pay my fines. The last one I paid was over $200. I was in the bed with the flu. Under the law, I was guilty.

I know people that have never been caught. The carnivals dont get caught. Some are church members that Im talking about. They go to church on Sunday and violate the gambling law on Monday. I say, if you catch one, catch all that violate the big-time gambling laws. There are minor games that go on. I dont see nothing wrong with cake walks, bingo, fishing pools and many others where you cant get hurt. I speak only what I can prove. If any lawyer from this land can show me where this is equal justice, I will buy him a Stetson hat.

Im honest. I found an old mans billfold with over $1,600. in it, and I gave it back to him. The law violators are me because I know where their setting places are. If I am elected, I intend to stop gambling myself. If I cant make a living with the office, I can resign. I have two opponents. One dont have a car and the other dont have a phone.... I believe the court records show that ______ has held the office 12 years and made one arrest. If I dont beat _____ record I wont have to be voted out, I will resign.

I have been framed on charges ranging from hog stealing to murder. That is low as you can get and is high as you can go. I never stole a hog or killed anyone. I beat all the framed deals, but I suppose they could beat anyone tomorrow on a conspiracy charge like I was caught on. Some people dont like for you to prosper better than they do. They have never been able to stop my big mouth from telling the truth.

Words arent strong enough to explain my feelings. I will treat all men alike, with the dignity that man owes to man.