Vol.XI No.XI Pg.2
January 1975

Doing This-- And That

Robert F. Turner

It is that time again — time to take stock of the past; be encouraged by the good, and warned by the bad. It is time to look hopefully to the future — and Christians can do that, regardless of dire predictions.

Several years back I published my meeting schedule in the January Plain Talk, and it seemed to serve a useful purpose, so this has become a habit. In 1975 I am to be at Taft, Tex. Feb. 23-28; Spring Branch in Houston, Mar. 17-23; Seminole, Tex. Mar. 30-Apr. 4; Southside, Pasadena, Tex. Apr. 7-13; and Major Drive, Beaumont, Apr. l4-20. We leave Texas for Scottsville, Ky. May 5-11; and Cyclone, Ky. May 12-18. Then to Gladewater, Tex. June 2.8; and Dam B (Jasper) Tex., July 14-20. We have a meeting in E. Florence, Ala. Aug. 10-15; and Allen, Tex. Aug. 24-29. The above is a rather loose schedule, with open weeks at Burnet, for some study, writing, and a Teacher Training course.

The tight schedule begins at Sinton, Tex. Sept. 21-26; travel on Saturday to Haltom City, Tex. Sept. 28-Oct. 3; Saturday flight to Dyersburg, Tenn. for Oct. 5-10; then home to get Vivian and the car, and head for Armona, Ca. Oct. l9-24; Paso Robles, Ca. Oct. 26-31; Spring & Delta, Longbeach, Ca. Nov. 2-7; Fullerton, Ca. Nov. 9-14; and Gardena, Ca. Nov. 16-21. We then drive to Glendale, Ariz. for a meeting, Nov. 23-30; and then home to Burnet, Texas. During this time we will try to meet our Plain Talk dead-lines, with seven articles per month. Of course, the secret for getting it all done is we only do it one day at the time.

Stuff About Things

Our light-hearted, if not lightheaded, back page is pretty good some times — and sometimes we should have stayed in bed. But, most articles are well received, so we selected some of the best (?) and are publishing them in a small book. It is scheduled to come from the press this month.

This is my private project— not a work of Oaks-West church — and to avoid confusion and / or commercialization in this church-supported paper, the sale and handling of the book has been put completely into the hands of the publisher; Graphic Composition, P. 0. Box 1788, Athens, Ga. 30601. They will advertise, sell direct, and through various book houses. PLEASE DO NOT WRITE PLAIN TALK FOR THE BOOK.

If finances will allow, I hope to publish some more serious works in the future: on The Church, Mens Training Studies, etc. A humbling thought for all this...if God wills.