Vol.XI No.X Pg.2
December 1974

I See In My Notes

Robert F. Turner

As we travel through the country my eyes and ears are open — saw 17 geese as we crossed the Tennessee rv. in northern Alabama — and we share these vignettes of life with you in our effort to keep our work people-oriented. Now, from our note-book:

Somewhere I read a formal marriage announcement which said: Believing that marriage is ordained of God, Mr. and Mrs. ***** and Mr. and Mrs. ***** request the honor of your presence at the ceremony in which their children: ** and ** will become one in Christ.

That stopped me! First thought — his must be a unique way of telling about a baptizing. But no — it was a marriage announcement — and continued by saying, This celebration of love will be at **** Church of Christ. It is further proof of the appalling ignorance of some who claim to be members of the Lords body. (We charitably assume that had they known better they would never have said such.)

But common sense and emotions do not always mix well, and the outcome may be bizarre. My note book also has an entry concerning the couple who wished to be baptized together (enter and leave the same tomb); so the preacher somehow managed to stand them side by side, say whatever he said, and then immerse them with the same motion. Touching, isnt it? But emotions and superstition may have overruled the individual aspect of obedience — or this may just prove how cranky an editor can be.

Middle Tennessee is buzzing. When W.S.M. (Channel 4, T. V., Nashville) sent reporters to do a story on the Tennessee Orphan Home (Spring Hill, Tenn.) they found unfavorable conditions. The news cast did not suit the TOH officials, and they took on WSM which was a whoppin Saturday night blunder. WSM dug up and broadcasted that TOH has large cash securities drawing interest instead of being used to provide for the needs of the children. Hmmmm!!

Parents, have you any idea of how. many students get lost when they go away to College? One study in an Ala. city shows that of those from liberal churches, only about one in ten are regularly faithful in worship; three in ten come once or twice a yr. Those from conservative churches did but little better; about three in ten were regularly faithful, while Ca. six in ten worshipped once or twice a month. The pattern is: (l) cut out church associates, (2) experiment with other religions, (3) date non-Christians, (4) in trouble. We had better work harder here at home.