Vol.X No.VII Pg.4
September 1973

Brother Cawyer Bleeds

Robert F. Turner

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My heart bleeds when I think about a once strong church, which enjoyed the complete confidence of a proud brotherhood, that today is floundering on the brink of Pentecostalism, the rankest of which you ever heard. I fought hard for the truth against Calvinism as it slowly but surely crept into the Highland Church in Abilene, Texas. There was a time, looking back to the yesterdays, when Highland was a united church, perfectly joined together in doctrine and in practice. But today it, the Highland Church which sponsors the Herald of Truth is no longer worthy of the fellowship and confidence the brethren have had in her. It is about to split right down the middle over the direct operation of the Holy Spirit.

Not one elder opened his mouth against that false teaching and as mentioned it has become progressingly worse, even to the defending of speaking in Tongues, secret meetings with lights turned low, etc. It could not be stopped and that is one of the reasons for my resigning the eldership at Highland. My resignation was written and handed to the eldership, which was never read to the congregation, not even till this day.

Im inserting a copy of the written resignation I gave them. Dear Brethren, due to lack of unity in teaching, policies, plans and procedures, please accept my resignation.

On another occasion a deacon came before the elders and argued that there were Christians in all denominations. Bro. Art Haddox was chairman and he went around the table asking if any elder had anything to say. Not one elder (other than Cawyer, rt) objected to his line of thought.

A sermon was delivered in the Highland pulpit to which I seriously objected and I took it to the elders and they. . . said the sermon was 0. K., that it was I who was out of step..

(Later) I then said to the eldership If that sermon is 0. K. then let us publish it and give the brotherhood I the benefit of it. At this point I was told by an elder, If you publish that sermon we will withdraw fellowship from you. I did not publish

The error that was in the sermon was this: He had made the statement that there was not a verse of scripture telling people how to become a member of the church. Second, that the church was not a blood bought institution, and thirdly, the idea of people being added to the church was absurd. Now this particular preacher went to Bro. E.R. Harper and said to him, I do not object to what Frank did, I do object to the way he did it. But he further added that if that sermon was published, it would ruin him as a gospel preacher.

A Bible teacher in an adult class held up his Bible and said, You must have something more than this. This is not sufficient, referring to the Bible.... When elders are so spineless as to permit without censure a young hippy in the pulpit at Highland who starts a prayer, Hi Dad! it is a lot later than some people think. (Digest of much longer article.)