Vol.X No.VII Pg.2
September 1973

"Loosing From Texas"

Robert F. Turner

The Lord willing, by the time you read this, bro. Harry Pickup, Jr. and I will be in Australia for a series of gospel meetings. Plans are to begin our work in Sydney, Sept. 30, but before we head for home Dec. 18, we will have preached in 18 missions as the Australians call them, and conducted special training classes in two other places. Our work will take us to many parts of Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia, and Tasmania. We hasten to acknowledge our fear and trembling at such a formidable task, and ask your prayers in behalf of our efforts.

Following my fifteen week tour of missions in Australia in 1971 many additional contacts have been made, and PLAIN TALK goes to a goodly number of homes there. Faithful American preachers in Australia encouraged the return trip, as did several faithful Australian preachers and brethren. We are deeply indebted to bro. Bill Hall (now in Birmingham, Ala.) and bro. Tommy Poarch (now in Rome, Ga.) for their assistance and encouragement in this undertaking; and to bro. Philip Morr (still in Sydney) who arranged details and made many personal contacts on our behalf. The Oaks-West church, Burnet, and the Spring Branch church, Houston, are my chief financial supporters, year-around; and they continue their support in this effort. Several other churches and individuals sent travel funds to me, as they did to bro. Pickup. Harry is bearing a large portion of his own personal support.

Our years are slipping away and I feel compelled to use every opportunity afforded to preach the gospel of Christ. In addition to this necessity (1 Cor. 9:16-17), I feel drawn to the side of my faithful brethren in Australia who struggle to firmly fix the cause of Christ there. In later reports I will try to tell you Lore about them.

Bro. Dan Shipley will edit Plain Talk in my absence, and continue his excellent writing. Bro. Jim Everett will assist in the writing, and the size of their load will be reduced by reprinting some of my earlier works. (In nearly ten years of publication we have had no reprints, but the press of this situation seems to justify it now. We are selecting reprint articles from early volumes of P.T.)


From CHRISTIAN JOURNAL, Ft. Worth, Aug.73, we quote (p.4) W. F. Cawyer, former elder of Highland, Abilene and former promoter of Herald of Truth. Take a sober look at what can happen to a sponsoring church— and weep.