Vol.X No.V Pg.8
July 1973

Stuff About Things

Robert F. Turner

The antics of liberal brethren are seemingly without limitation, and now that the newness has worn off they have to be rather startling to even get billing in conservative papers. But ACTION came through again. Many brethren have told me about the May-June issue article on Bus Ministry which grew and grew, as some church gave the riders soft-drinks, cupcakes, and finally (for the all-time high) a pre-Halloween Party. By sheer determination they had averaged 21 pickups-- until they gave the drinks (31), then the cup-cakes (41, 54), and the party drew 74.

The part that caught my attention was the writers attempt to justify these antics as reward motivation for which he cited such scriptures as 1 Cor. 9:25, 2 Tim. 4:8, etc. Can you imagine the incorruptible crown of eternal life in heaven being cited as justification for cup-cakes on earth? And to think that all of this started with letting a non-member have a sip from our water-cooler. Just how ridiculous can we get?

I dont know, but I will test it. In the name of good business sense, and economy of both time and money (we must not waste the Lords money) why do not these brethren just cut through the red tape and PAY folk to attend their services? (I mean good luke-warm inflated cash!)

Think of the messy bus, spilled cokes, ruined clothes, and frayed nerves it would avoid. The time spent making those cup-cakes could be used at another Book Review. With a bit of ingenuity, a magnetic I.D. card could be issued to each rider —later to each church member —so that one has but to insert the card in a machine at the entrance to the bus or church building and the account is properly credited. The treasurer could then make but one check per quarter, preferably at the time a drive is being made for more money, and the church would stand a good chance of getting their money returned. A fringe benefit would be the automatic count of all those in attendance.

Scripture? Why, of course. It is the reward motivation taught in 1 Cor. 9:25 and 2 Tim. 4:8. Keep them over in the epistles so they wont run across John 6:26-27 —Jesus reprimand of those who sought only loaves:. and fishes.

How long, how long brethren??