Vol.X No.IV Pg.5
June 1973

The Stars Rebelled

Robert F. Turner

In the U.S. alone, an estimated 10 million people believe that their destiny is determined by the relation of the stars to earth at the time of their birth. They believe that the force of the stars (some consider it a mystic force, others relate it to more modern concepts of radiation) program one's personality. They believe that by correlating one's birth chart with classic histories of others who were so born, it is possible to predict character and potentials.

The prophets of God ridiculed and condemned "the star-gazers, the monthly prognosticators" (ISA.47:12-f) and said that Jehovah "frustrateth the signs of the liars, and maketh diviners mad:" (44:24-25). "Witchcraft" ("sorcery" AS) is condemned as a work of the flesh (GAL.5:20), and "soothsaying" (like sorcery) is cast in an evil light; (ACT.13:8-10, 16:16). We have no reason to believe the modern star-gazer and soothsayer, or their devotees, will fare any better. As Van Baalen put it, "the findings of astrology makes man dependent upon a fate rather than upon God. Obedience to the guiding influence of the Holy Spirit is replaced by abject submission to mute forces in nature." (Chaos of Cults, p. 29.)

Astrology is based on the Zodiac, "an imaginary belt in the heavens, 16 degrees broad, including the paths of the moon and all the principle planets and, as its middle line, the ecliptic, or sun's path". (Webster's) One's birthrate falls within one of twelve divisions of the year, associated with the twelve divisions (and "signs") of the Zodiac; and the relation of the "stars" in that division determine his "fate." But even if the ancient "star-gazers" correctly divined the influence of each planet, THE RELATIVE POSITION OF SUN, EARTH, AND PLANETS HAS CHANGED SINCE THE ZODIAC WAS FORMULATED. From the Houston Post PARADE, for June 3, 73, we quote Mort Weisinger in his article, "Is Astrology a $100 Million Hoax?"

"Professor Owen S. Rachleff, who teaches a course at New York University that debunks the occult arts, invariably convinces his students that astrology is snake oil because it still clings to the ancient belief which erroneously places the earth, not the sun, at the center of the solar system, and which ignores precession, or the regular shifting of the earth's equinoxes. It is precession which has caused each sun sign to fall back about 30 days in the last 2000 years, so that everyone who thinks he's an Aries is really an Aquarius, etc."

We might say (if you are in the moot for it) that the stars would not stand still for this foolishness.

Astrology, and other forms of mysticism, paganism and occult philosophies have grown apace with the rejection of God and His revelation. In their origin many of these cults were "searching for God". Now, their devotees are "searching for answers apart from God". It is sad indeed to find some who claim to be "Christian" who give even half-serious consideration to these pagan superstitions.