Vol.X No.XI Pg.8
January 1974

Stuff About Things

Robert F. Turner

Man seeks in vain to master an adequate concept of God. Contemplation of a single aspect— like timelessness — can leave one reeling; and we become aware of mans minuteness in eternity. But Gods timeless nature is repeatedly demonstrated in His revelation of principles that fit today as though they were made today. (Since God knows no yesterday, we can say they are made today— by I AM.)

Now man does some wonderful things too— in his own time. There was this Og, an enterprising wight. He wanted to use his talents to improve the lot of his fellow-citizens in the kingdom of Gfx, but his altruistic endeavors were constantly interrupted by wars with neighboring savage States. It was necessary, time and again, to put aside his studies in herbal remedies to grapple with those who would overrun his beloved land. If only he could devise something to keep these enemies at bay— maybe even convince them that war does not pay.

He carefully studied the natural resources of Gfx, and made a marvelous discovery. Here at his feet, were the means of delivery. He called a meeting of the Gfx fathers, and revealed his plan. They were shocked— aghast at the horror, the inhumanity of the idea. DO that— even to our enemies?? We must reason with them; persuade them that they can not win against our new secret weapon.

But there was no reason in savage brute force, so the men of Gfx were carefully schooled in the use of the modern device, and went forth to battle. We have no stomach to write of the carnage. Ye lust— ye kill—!!

When Gods rain had washed blood from the land, and the Gfx fathers considered, in the calm of peace, the awfulness of their decision; they determined to erase this invention from the mind of man. The enemies were no more, and the home folk were carefully brain-washed of the whole affair. A sample of the dread weapon was buried in a time vault, to be opened only in the event of drastic national emergency. People spoke in whispers of the terrible something that lay sleeping— deterrent to future wars.

And deep in the vault was a creek boulder, a round rock, with instructions: Throw at enemys head!!

Gods truth doesnt wear thin with age nor are His solutions out-dated.