Vol.I No.IX Pg.2
September 1964

Written Debate - This Issue

Robert F. Turner

July 24, we received a letter from bro. J. L. Hines, Victor St. church, Austin, citing our offer to devote one-half of any one issue for equal- space discussion of points on which any reader might differ with us, and asking for this opportunity. He sent three debate propositions, signing the affirmative of each, and telling us to take our choice.

In further correspondence agreement on a subject was reached. We al- so agreed to exchange our first articles by mail so that the second could be a reply or rebuttal; and thus be more interesting and helpful to the reader. All this has been done, with a minimum of complications. We wish to thank bro. Hines for his prompt- ness, and the fine spirit manifested in our dealings together.

In his last letter he advised: "Keep your powder dry and shoot at short range and waste not your ammunition. ++++ don't fuss but discuss, contend; for it is only God's TRUTH that will last." That's exactly what we tried to do. Our target was not the man, but the error we believe he holds; and we have not hesitated to aim with care, and fire away.

Lack of space precludes much small talk and "niceties", and forces the writer to "get to the point"; but we intend no discourtesy by this abruptness. We have the highest regard for all who have convictions and will try to uphold them. Our "righteous indignation" is reserved for those who go behind our back to attack and ridicule our efforts to serve the Lord. TRUTH is polished by trial. GOSPEL MEETING

Evangelist, W. R. Jones

September 21 - 27

Bro. W. R. Jones, now of Lake Jackson, Texas, is scheduled for a series of sermons at the Rhomberg & Washington Sts. church building, Sept.21-27, and the public is cordially invited to "be our guests."

Services will begin at 7:30 each evening; with congregational singing lead by bro. Turner. Come, bring your friends, and enjoy and profit by the feast in store for us all.

At the best, life is but a brief journey. The eternal truths of God, with directions for this life, and promises for eternity, should appeal to every responsible person. How can we face the Lord in judgment with an honest and untrammelled conscience if we have refused to hear His word, and directed our life accordingly?