Vol.I No.VIII Pg.2
August 1964


Robert F. Turner

- - -


Elsewhere in this issue we beg non-members to excuse us while we address ourselves particularly to our brethren. We discuss the results of some erroneous conceptions -- the logical end to which false principles lead.

We realize that many brethren in Burnet, and elsewhere, do not favor these extremes -- now. Currently, the greatest errors of many are: (1) to accept the faulty principles upon which future extremes are built; (2) show a "party" sectarian spirit in refusing to fairly study these matters.

And to members and non-members we stress this point: the true church of Christ is made up of people who look to the word of God, rather than to fellow-members, for their rule of faith and practice. (2 Cor. 10:12-f.)


Sometimes I jokingly refer to the papers I receive (many from folk with whom I differ) as "propaganda." (I send information, but I receive only propaganda - isn't that strange?)

But I have never refused to consider the other fellow's material, and to "search the scriptures," testing the same. (Acts 17:11) An idea may be so glaringly false as to re- quire little effort to refute; but it must be refuted by God's word, not by its failure to conform to my previous notions. It is unthinkable to refuse the other man his right to be heard, and fairly examined. BY SUCH tactics we acknowledge our own weakness. Dr. Tom Dooley aptly described "propaganda" in his book, "Deliver Us From Evil" (p. 64) saying: "To be efficacious propaganda must be onesided. Those exposed to its fiery tongue must never be allowed to hear any other tongue."

On that basis, those urging you to refuse PLAIN TALK may be the "propagandist." Had you thought of that?


Sometime in their "teens" our boys and girls attempt the difficult adjustment to freedom. They are "tired of being told what to do." They want to make their own decisions. Well, I'll buy that!

But freedom is not without obligation. Thank God for the young men and women who WANT to begin a decent life "on their own: It to honor their parents, to earn a living, to accept the responsibilities of maturity. Can we not "want to do right" on our own.