Vol.I No.VII Pg.2
July 1964

"Plain Talk" Policies Restated

Robert F. Turner

The Burnet church of Christ, Rhomberg & Washington Sts., began publication of PLAIN TALK in January, '64, sending the paper free of charge to about 700 Burnet residents, and a few "friends" elsewhere. Since then we have added names by request so that we mail about 1,300 per month. We restate our purpose and policies for the benefit of new readers.

To "Saint and Sinner"

PLAIN TALK is a part of our teaching program. As in the case with like radio and newspaper teaching, we want to reach both members of the church and those who are not members. This implies no desire to "oversee" or "interfere with the autonomy" of other churches, any more than it does with non-members. We simply feel it is our obligation to teach God's truth to all possible -- and we treat our readers as "free agents", competent to receive or reject as they see fit.

If you do not wish to receive PLAIN TALK, a call or postal card will remove your name from our list. We seek readers who are willing to study God's word and think for themselves -- in fact, PLAIN TALK is ill- suited to those who would allow some- one else to tell them what they can or can not read. (See Acts 17:11) An "Open Policy"

We have nothing to hide, and operate upon the principle that truth is best served by unhampered, open investigation. We do not believe ourselves infallible, and realize we may make many mistakes --- both in content and in manner of presentation, but we do pledge honesty of intent and purpose. Further, we feel an obligation to open our pages to those who may differ with us.

Discussion Proposal

We freely offer one-half of any one issue for an 'equal-space' 'discussion of any religious point on which any reader may differ with us. Further space may be offered if the case seems to justify such treatment. Surely our readers can see that this is a fair proposal. "Come now and let us reason together." (Isa. 1:18 Acts 17:2 18:4, 19) (Note-- this is not just a slogan with us -- we really mean it!)

New Readers Welcome

Names will be added to our mailing list by request. We are seeking truly interested readers, rather than a big "mailing". Notice of address changes will be greatly appreciated.