Vol.I No.IV Pg.5
April 1964

Use Your Bible ......

Robert F. Turner


Psm. 10:4-11

Some attitudes and thoughts of the Infidel are here described:

Other Indications of In-Fidel—"Lack of Faith":

I. Accept Only What Appeals to Senses, Reason...

II. The Stubborn, Who Will Not See...

III. Having the Form, but Denying the Power. 2 Tim. 3:1-8

IV. Inactive Members -- Lack Faith...

In One Sense, All Non-Christians are UNBELIEVERS.

It is difficult to imagine any one who truly believes in God, and His word, who would continue to ignore both God and His word. Easy to understand how some may be searching for further information, intent on doing God's will as rapidly as each new point is discovered. Beware less delay mean infidelity.