Vol.I No.III Pg.8
March 1964

Stuff About Things

Robert F. Turner

"BAD PUBLIC OFFICIALS ARE ELECTED BY GOOD PEOPLE WHO FAIL TO VOTE." Saw this sign in a business establishment recently, and it put me to thinking -- which is something of a feat.

Most folk mean well, and are basically honest- I keep telling myself. Then who are the BAD folk these non-voters put in office? We rule out the vile, highly unreliable, obviously evil men, for those who do vote are not likely to elect such men. But inexperienced, incompetent men classify here, along with selfish and sometime dishonest men. These characteristics do not show through the hand-shaking and coffee-drinking that precedes the election -- and in a light vote these men have easy sailing.

And who are the GOOD people who fail to vote? I suppose this refers to the "mean well, basically honest" folk mentioned earlier; and some will say their only fault is unconcern. Unconcern an "only" fault?? Watch the tongue, friend; for here is the attitude that makes a mockery of justice and our democratic system.

Is the watchman's unconcern for the enemy a little thing? Not when my safety is involved. And when I am in desperate need of help, is my neighbor's unconcern a little thing? Maybe we consider political unconcern a little thing --- because of our own failure to appreciate our stake and responsibilities in good government.

We blindly call the man "GOOD" who delivers us to the slaughter.

And in the church it is much the same story. For the paltry price of false peace (Jer. 6:14) we call a man "good" who by silence, sanctions and supports digression from God's truth.

Moral cowardice is a number one problem in our generation. We have replaced individual convictions with a sort of mass inertia -- "don't rock the boat" philosophy that had rather accept an error quietly than raise a voice in defense of truth.

A few self-willed and determined men can control a government, or a church, because "GOOD" men allow it. GOOD?? As long as we consider such dereliction of duty "good" these injustices will continue.

Those who "stand on the other side" while evil men prevail, are "as one of them." Obadiah 10.