Vol.I No.II Pg.7
February 1964

Queries And Answers

Robert F. Turner

Bro. Turner:

Is there some. simple way to show that the kingdom of God, Christ, and Heaven refer to the same thing? IHA


These expressions sometimes refer to the same thing; viz., the followers of truth, and their consequent relation to God, Christ, and Heaven. Kingdom, with its citizens is a figurative description of this relation.

The various designations are used interchangeably in parallel passages in Matt. 4:17 (k. of heaven) and Mark 1:15 (k. of God); Mark 9:1 (k. of God) and Matt. 16:28 (Son of man, coming in his K.); etc. This seems plain enough for those who desire the truth. For others, nothing is clear. (Matt.l3:15)

Rev. Turner:

Is your church a member of the Association of Churches of Christ in Burnet County?


I am not "Reverend"; I don't have a church, and I didn't know there was such an Association; so guess I am poorly qualified to answer this question. However, I have been preaching for many years, I am fully supported by the Rhomberg & Washington Streets church of Christ in Burnet, and I may be able to clarify the "association" conception which you seem to have.

There is a fast-growing trend on the part of some churches of Christ to improvise inter-congregational arrangements for doing some things. As a rule there is no intention of forming a permanent organization, but a group of churches agree to allow one church (or a board of directors) to control a certain project, and they furnish the operating capital. It is seldom recognized that such collective projects have become a simple form of "Church Association," for most churches of Christ still contend that the organizational structure of the church begins and ends with the local congregation.

The R. & W. church of Christ practices scriptural co-operation (sends alms to needy churches, wages to evangelists, etc.; 2 Cor. 8: 11:8) but it neither practices nor encourages any inter-congregational "Associations." We operate as a wholly independent church, under our own elders, and according to our own ability.

Dear Sir:

Explain Heb. 7:3, "without father, without mother, etc." Who was this Melchisedec and how did he originate?


The context shows that lineage for the priesthood is under consideration (see vs. 4-6, 13-15) and the point is that Melchisedec was a High Priest even though he was not qualified by lineage to this position.

In like vein I could say I can not be King of England; because I have no father or mother; i.e., I am not of the House of Windsor.

Christ is our High Priest "after the order of Melchisedec," i.e., not as the result of lineage (vs. 13-15) but by divine appointment. I assume Melchisedec had a natural birth.