Vol.I No.XII Pg.2
December 1964

One Year Done

Robert F. Turner

With this issue we close Volume 1 of PLAIN TALK. For those who wish to keep complete volumes, and lack some issues, we can supply all except the first issue.

Illness (two weeks hospitalization) and the necessity for a greatly restricted schedule on the part of the editor makes this issue late. It may be necessary to use the material of other writers in the first few issues of 1965 (for which you may be grateful) but as soon as possible we plan to put PLAIN TALK back on our original policy -- all articles written by the editor. We believe it is in order to commend our printer, bro. Bob Craig, who retypes, does make-up, and produces this little paper by off-set methods. He works closely with us to maintain the simple, clean-cut format of PLAIN TALK which many of you have praised.

We enter a new year humbly grateful for the past--with renewed hope.