Vol.I No.XI Pg.5
November 1964

Use Your Bible ......

Robert F. Turner


In Prophecy:

  1. Truth, Peace, Justice, Righteousness. Isa. 9:6-7 10:20-21 11:1-f.
  2. Ruler both Priest and King. Zech. 6 ;2-13 Heb.6:20- 7: l-f.

If Christ is now our High Priest, He must also now be our King.

In Preparation: (Christ's Personal Ministry)

  1. Not of this world, i.e., materialistic· Jn.·18:36
    1. If so, servants fight that Christ be not delivered.
    2. Vs. 37, Yet as King, to all who receive the truth.
  2. Cometh not with "observation" but "within you". Lu.· 17:20-21
    1. "Within" explained by following points.
  3. Must be "received" with humility, by citizens. Lu.· 18:17
    1. Compare Matt. 5:3, 10 Poor in Spirit, Persecuted for Right.
  4. One draws "near" kingdom, as he understands truth. Mk. 12:29-34
    1. Teaching error "shuts up kingdom against men." Matt. 23:13
  5. Kingdom entered by obedience. Matt. 7:21 (Cf. Jn. 3:3, 5)
    1. Christ "reigns" in those who obey Him. Rom. 6:12-23.

Compare Kingdom of Christ, with Kingdom of Satan.

  1. Followers of Light VS Followers of Darkness. Col. 1:13 Acts 26:18
    1. In neither case is an organized unit under consideration·
    2. If Satan can thus "reign" in his realm, so Christ in His.


The Kingdom of Christ is a spiritual kingdom; entered by obedience; peopled by those who willingly allow Christ to reign in their hearts, and who are thus prepared to enter heaven and praise Him forever.