Vol.I No.X Pg.2
October 1964

This And That!

Robert F. Turner

This is being written in Akron, Ohio, where I am engaged in a Gospel Meeting with the Brown Street church. PLAIN TALK for October will likely be late in reaching you; but we hope to have the November issue back on schedule. Thanks for the many letters and cards encouraging us in this work. We sincerely hope to further the cause of Christ by this effort, and to do no harm at all. Questions and comments are solicited -- and constructive criticism is appreciated. BURNET CHURCH WORK

We have just closed a fine meeting with bro. W. R. Jones as speaker. Our next meeting will be Feb. 22-29, with bro. Stanley J. Lovett, editor of the Preceptor, as our speaker.

Our PLAIN TALK radio program will be resumed in November, Monday thru Friday at 10:15 a.m., KTSL, Burnet,

Plans are being drawn for a new church building here. We thank God.