Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
January 1936
NUMBER 1, PAGE 13-15

The Highland Church Actions

A Record of the Facts Exposing a Shrewd Maneuver of E. L. Jorgenson's in the Attempt to Justify the Action of the Highland Church and Himself at the Expense of C. A. Taylor and R. O. Rubel, the Victims of Their Unscriptural Proceedings. They Confess No Wrong in Withdrawing from Good Men and of Driving Away in Consequence of that Action Charter Members of the Congregation Who Built and Paid for the House of Worship They Occupy. Their Offer of Reinstatement Was a Mere Camouflage, Based on a Crafty Mishandling of Certain Statements, and Was Very Properly Rejected by Taylor and Rubel.

To prevent further circulation of false statements being made by R. H. Boll. E. L. Jorgenson and Don Carlos Janes, the following correspondence is published.

From Michigan to Texas persistently, comes reports of statements made by these men that the Highland Church of Christ. Louisville. Ky. has done all it can to adjust differences in Louisville in which they are involved, and that R. O. Rubel and C. A. Taylor are wholly responsible for failure to compose the differences For this reason it seems proper to publish the written record.

These false statements are being used by the sympathizers of R. H. Boll in an effort to shift from their shoulders to that of others the responsibility for division which came to and continues with the church, because of the pressing of their theories.

It is proper to state here that E. L. Jorgenson and Don Carlos Janes were in 1918 and 1932 and are now. practically in control of the Highland Church. Neither Brother Rubel's letter nor Brother Taylor's letter, declining their terms of fellowship, has ever been read to the congregation.

A Disciplinary Fiasco

Mr. C. A. Taylor Louisville, Ky.

Dear Brother Taylor:

In view of numerous concessions made at various times by Bros. C. A. Taylor and R. O. Rubel. viz:

That they were not always as kind, gentle, forbearing and considerate as they could and should have been;

That they sometimes made mistakes in the methods they employed; That they regret all this;

That the above admissions are freely: made because it is right and in the hope of bringing about unity;

That they were "fractious":

That a correction was made on the "Autocracy" pamphlet after discipline had been administered:

That publication of that pamphlet is now considered "unwise":

That after the discipline. Bro. Rubel settled his personal difference: That Bro. Taylor recently expressed his willingness to stand by any concessions he had ever made:

In view of these concessions relating to conduct which the Highland Church regarded as fractious (though they did not): conscious of our own imperfections, and in our desire for peace and unity-previously expressed in various conciliatory overtures - we from this date remove the dis ciplinary action of May 16, 1918. and extend fellowship to Bros. Taylor and Rubel.

HIGHLAND CHURCH OF CHRIST May 12. 1932 (Signed) H. V.. Leatherman, Secretary. Mr. H. V. Leatherman. Sec.

Highland Church of Christ. Louisville. Ky.

Dear Sir:

This will acknowledge receipt of your letter of May 12. 1932 and a reply will be sent you soon.

My son. Allen, is seriously ill. but I hope his condition will permit me soon to prepare my reply.

Very truly yours, May 13. 1932

(Signed) C. A. Taylor.

The Camouflage Rejected

The Highland Church of Christ Louisville, Ky.


Under date May 13. 1932, I wrote to acknowledge receipt of your letter May 12, 1932, saying that reply to your letter would be sent soon as my son's health would permit me to give attention to a reply and I will now answer your letter in accordance with that promise.

I have not, since receipt of your letter, communicated with Bro. R. O. Rubel. Sr. but feel confident that his judgment, regarding the matters mentioned, will fully agree with this letter.

For fourteen (14) years you have sought relief from the condemnation, under which you rest, in the eyes of both God and man. but always you have endeavored to escape any acknowledgment of wrong upon your part, and now you have apparently tried to convert statements made by me into a confession which would possibly not only justify your action in 1918 but which you seek to use as an excuse for extending to us your fellowship.

You also appear utterly indifferent to the fact that every time you publicly offer to Bro. Rubel and me an unsatisfactory basis for settlement, you are still further injuring us in the eyes of all those members of the church who are not familiar with the entire history of this matter, and you have again apparently repeated such action, notwithstanding the fact that I have time after time requested that nothing more be done until and unless the Highland Church by congregational action admits, without qualification, that by withdrawal action in 1918 you wronged Bro. (Continued on next page)

Rubel and me and express regret for that wicked act. Any acknowledgment that you have wronged us or that you regret your action is conspicuously absent from your letter and letter is silent regarding any congregational action having been taken.

During these fourteen (14) years we have responded to many brethren who have approached us regarding settlement of our differences and in a spirit of conciliation and with the understanding that you would right this wrong, if we would contribute all possible toward a better understanding, I have made certain statements which I fear have been sadly misused. No so called "concession" was ever made by me. and I feel certain none was ever made by Bro. Rubel. which could possibly be properly used by the Highland Church as a basis for "extending fellowship" or as an explanation of why you "extend fellowship" to us.

Terms of Reinstatement Artificial and Strategical Your letter contains nine (9) items listed as "concessions" made by us, to which I now refer, beginning with second paragraph of letter and considering them in rotation: - 1. I have always said that I do not believe it humanly possibly for any one to have been actively connected with such a situation as existed in the Highland Church during the long period of three (3) years, in which so many of the members objected to Bro. Jorgenson as our preacher. without sometimes failing to be as "kind, gentle, forbearing and considerate" as they should have been, but this failure was not at all confined to one side, in this controversy and certainly Bro. Rubel and I were not the only members in the entire congregation who yielded to these ordinary impulses. All that this statement was ever intended to or properly could be understood to mean, is that we. as you say of yourselves in your letter, are "conscious of our own imperfections". However, an admission upon our part that we are not "perfect" shall not be magnified by you into such a confession of wrong doing as to provide for you a vehicle with which to justify the withdrawal from us. upon the charge that we were "factionists" and "disorderly", nor as a basis upon which to explain why you now offer to us your fellowship.

2. While I have never doubted and do not now doubt the righteousness of our refusal to support, through the agency of our minister, the objectionable doctrine featured and pressed in 1914-1918. I have sometimes questioned the wisdom of some moves involved in our efforts to induce the congregation to change our preacher, but such mistakes did not warrant you in withdrawing fellowship from us. as all members of the church do unwise things and yet that does not subject them to church discipline.

3. Of course. I. as all right-thinking Christians should, regret any kind of mistakes I may make.

4. These statements or admissions were, of course, made because I believed it right to do so and were made also because I was led to believe they would encourage you to right the wrong done us and it is extremely discouraging to see how you have misused my efforts to promote peace.

5. When I said that perhaps the Highland Church members had mistaken "fractious" conduct for "factious" conduct I had in mind only the usual meaning of the word "fractious", (which I understand to be snappish, apt to become angry) and I fully really that under such a long series of aggravating circumstances any one would likely become "fractious", in the sense in which I used that word but you based your withdrawal from us upon the charge that we were "factious", (which charge is absolutely false) and not upon the charge that we were "fractious".

6. I do not recall that any "correction was made on the 'Autocracy' pamphlet".

7. I am inclined now to the belief that publication of that pamphlet was

"unwise" but I do not now and never have believed its publication was sinful.

8. All I know about the settlement of personal differences between Bro. Rubel and Bro. Jorgenson is that Bro. Rubel said he would "try to believe" that Bro. Jorgenson did not intentionally misrepresent letter of Bro. Lipscomb. I do not know how well he has succeeded in that effort.

9. I resent this imputation, that I might not "stand by" all statements I have ever made and challenge the truth of such an insinuation Action Must be Unconditionally Revoked I have been quite candid in this letter because it is very important to me that the misuse of statements I have made lie corrected and not because I wish to be abrupt.

It is with keen regret that I must decline your offer to resume our broken fellowship for your letter extends fellowship based upon our supposed "concessions" and not because you have repented of jour wicked act. The barrier erected by you in 1918 will never be removed and our differences will never be composed until and unless you take the correct action based upon proper grounds.

I understand your letter to me was read to the Highland congregation and if this is correct, you have done Bro. Rubel and me an additional injury, which can be partially corrected only by also reading to that entire congregation, this reply. I shall appreciate being advised when this has been done.

Very truly yours.

May 26. 1932 (Signed) C. A. Taylor. Highland Leaders Ignore Facts and Assume Innocence Dear Brother Taylor:

We acknowledge with thanks your letter of May 26th and sincerely regret that you did not accept our offered fellowship but we continue to extend the hand of Christian fellowship and brotherly love. Praying that you will yet come and worship together with us.

Yours in Christian Service.

June 16. 1932 (Signed) H. V. Leatherman, Secretary. Mr. H. V. Leatherman. Secretary

Highland Church of Christ Louisville,Ky.

Brethren: - This is to acknowledge receipt of your letter. June 16. 1932. which reached me last Tuesday.

The "hand of Christian fellowship and brotherly love", which you profess to extend to me will be most cheerfully and promptly accepted, when and if it is accompanied by congregational acknowledgment, that in 1918 you wronged Bro. Rubel and me.

Until such acknowledgment is made, failure to compose our differences, continues to rest squarely upon your shoulders and upon your souls.

Clearly, this is the teaching of the Word of God regarding such matters, and I can not ignore His plain teaching.

Very truly yours, July 9. 1932 (Signed) C. A. Taylor.

Crichton. Ala.

Dear Bro. Taylor Yours of the 27th to hand. Yes. I received the letter from the Highland Church informing me that we were both restored to full fellowship.

I have not replied to it as I fully expected to hear from you in reference to your course.

I heartily indorse your reply. Enclosed you will find letter from Bro. Srygley in reply to letter I wrote with reference to the Highland letter May 12th. Think he hits the nail on the head. Trying to shift the whole trouble on our shoulders. Guilty conscience need no accuser and worm is now turning.

Glad indeed to hear Allen is improved and getting along so well. Mrs. Rubel has been sick for the past week but is weak and the least exertion exhausts her. I am still a little lame, but attribute it to youthful growing pains.

We both send love to yourself and family. Also all the Church folks. Sincerely yours.

June 1. 1932 (Signed) R. O. Rubel. Sr.

The Wrong Rests Upon Jorgenson,

Janes And Highland Church

Crichton. Ala.

Mr. H. B. Leatherman 2013 Grinstead Drive Louisville, Ky.

Dear Sir:

Replying to your letter of May 12th; I have delayed answering expecting to hear from Brother Taylor.

I received a copy of Bro. Taylor's reply several days ago. and I fully endorse every article in his reply of May 26th.

Never by word or act have I made any concession that could be construed as making overtures for reinstatement to fellowship in the Highland Church. You did the wrong and the Highland Church should confess the wrong done not only to Bro. Taylor and me but to the old members that built and paid for the house of worship you now occupy.

I can not accept the fellowship offered me on the conditions you laid down. Instead of the wrong you did in the name of the Church you confess wrongs for Taylor and Rubel but do not make any efforts to confess the wrong you did.

I think Bro. Taylor has made it clear to the Church the grounds upon which we will accept fellowship in the Highland Church. Will you kindly read this letter to the Church?

Will thank you very much for doing so. Sincerely. June 16. 1932 (Signed) R. O. Rubel.

But the letters of Taylor and Rubel were never read to the Highland Congregation, for reasons which perhaps Jorgenson, Janes, and the leaders involved with them could tell us.

C. A. Taylor.