Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
January 1936

Religious Tangents And Speculative Unsoundness

Cled E. Wallace

O. E. Phillips has fulfilled some prophecy. Some discriminating brethren have been predicting for a good while that he would seek the fellowship of those who have corrupted the worship and compromised the doctrine of the New Testament. So he has gone to the Christian Church. Of course with his present views that is where he belongs, He probably should have gone sooner. It has been known for a long time that he had no pronounced convictions against the use of instrumental music in worship. Along about the time he softened on that question, he became enamored with the current speculative opinions about the millennium. He developed into a crank over Revelation and prophecy and talked about as much about Mussolini as he did Christ. He has helped to generate strife and division over untaught questions. It is really a pity. Brother Phillips has some ability and did some good preaching the gospel of Christ before he became unsound in the faith. He has forfeited the confidence of a large host of loyal disciples of Christ by the course he has been pursuing. He is a star actor in an anti-climax, It looks like he could see it. But if he cannot, then his experience should be a warning to others. It is not too late yet for him to back up on to the main line of gospel principles and preach the gospel like he once did and like his father did before him. He will have a hard time. I think, finding happiness where he is. Flying off at speculative tangents will disqualify any preacher as a proclaimer of the simple gospel of Christ.