Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 27, 1957
NUMBER 9, PAGE 12b-13

The Overflow

F. Y. T.

Are You Interested?

A fine new congregation in Las Vegas, Nevada needs a faithful gospel preacher — sound in life and in teaching. Not interested in hobbywriters — excellent opportunity. Write or call John C. Whitehead, 1301 S. 5th Street, Las Vegas, Nevada.

No paper next week

Just as a reminder, and so you won't think you have missed an issue, we call your attention to the fact that the Gospel Guardian does not publish a paper the first week in July or the last week in December. So your next paper will be dated July 11. This break every six months gives our office force a chance to sort of catch up. But you may look for the Guardian in your box as usual week after next.

It does happen

The other day we received an even one hundred subscriptions to the Gospel Guardian, sent in and paid for by one man. We have scores of friends who pay for one, two, or perhaps a dozen subscriptions for their friends, but not often do we receive a list this long paid for by one individual. How about the elders Bible School teachers, and preachers in YOUR community? Do they all receive the Gospel Guardian? If not, why not subscribe for as many of them as you can?

"Where thy treasure is"

The words of Jesus, "where thy treasure is, there will thy heart be also," are true regardless of which clause you put first. He could as truly have declared, "where thy heart is, there will thy treasure be also." Not long ago we saw great publicity given to a brother and sister in the Lord who gave $100,000.00 to an educational institution in the land. This was said to be a highly worthy and commendable act on their part. Just about the same time another husband and wife gave the same amount, $100,000.00 to be divided among some six congregations of the Lord. One gift will be used to educate young people; the other is being used, and will be used to establish faithful churches in the land, and to preach the gospel of salvation to lost souls.

"Think Big"

Again we have run across one of those hilarious cartoons so apropos of modern time. It shows a weasel faced little thug laboriously prying open the top of a parking meter to rob the machine of its nickels, while dashing out from the front door of a bank with smoking gun and a suitcase so full of money that hundred dollar bills are sticking out from all sides and falling to the ground is a masked bandit. As he races for his get-away car the bandit yells to the petty thief: "You'll never get anywhere, Butch; trouble with you is you don't THINK BIG!"

Tests of fellowship

We have just had occasion to restudy (for the umpteenth time) Brother M. C. Kurfees' monumental "Instrumental Music in the Worship", and were deeply impressed with his Chapter XVI, "Making Tests of Fellowship and Causing Division." If you have the book, read that chapter! It is as apropos of current conditions as anything we've read in months. (And if you do not have the book, we can supply it. Price $3.50.)

The current trend

"There are some who realizing that we should not have a central organization try to substitute something else. What happens? A group of men volunteer to act as the central agency for the churches. They are not selected by the churches. They do not represent the churches. They are not answerable to the churches. They volunteer their services and form themselves into a corporation and in effect say, 'We'll do for the churches of Christ just what the Baptist Sunday School Board does for the Baptists, what the Presbytery or Synod does for the Presbyterians, what the Conference does for the Methodists, and what the United Christian Missionary Society does for our digressive brethren. We will serve as your central agency, as your clearing house'. What's the difference?"

— Harris J. Dark in "Give Us A King"

Concerning gospel preachers

Brother Leroy Garrett in a recent issue of "Bible Talk" gives expression to a sentiment which many modernistic brethren hold, but which only a few have the courage to state: "Let us remove from our thinking that only we preach the gospel. It may be true that only we (the Disciples brotherhood) make the Restoration plea, but there are many who are telling a lost world about Jesus Christ as God's sacrifice for sin. All gospel preachers are not in the Churches of Christ." This last sentence (bad grammer and all) is a favorite theme song of the modernists; it is utterly false. There is not a gospel preacher on the earth who is not a member of the church of Christ.

Cogdill's schedule

Brother Roy E. Cogdill's meeting schedule for the next few months is as follows: Rogers, Arkansas, June 16-23; Cullman, Alabama, June 28-July 7; Harrodsburg, Kentucky, July 11-21; Sycamore, Kentucky, July 2128; Amarillo, Texas, August 7-18; Bowling Green, Kentucky, (Mt. Zion) August 25-September 3; Bowling Green, Kentucky (Park Street) September 8-15; Cedar Springs, Kentucky September 22-29; Lebanon, Kentucky, October 6-13; Louisville, Kentucky, (Wendell Avenue) October 20-27; Midland, Texas (Southside) November 3-10; Hope, Arkansas, November 17-24; San Bernardino, California, December 1-8.

Better still

The bulletin and articles brethren write about the Old Folks' Home at Gunter, Texas, would lead one almost to believe that it is a place second only to heaven. But we know one aged gospel preacher, Brother A. C. Huff, well past ninety years, who was in the home for a few years — until he found him a good Christian widow, married the girl of his choice, and left the institution. Which points up what we've said all along: whether you are nine or ninety, there is no substitute for a Christian home!

All shook up

We received recently a copy of the Lubbock (Texas) Avalanche-Journal containing a half-page ad in which the Lubbock Ministerial Alliance was warning the church people of that city that the new "Lubbock Christian College" wasn't all its promoters were claiming for it — namely, that it was not a purely civic and non-denominational school, but was in reality a "Church of Christ" college. Seems like the Lubbock divines were all shook up about the affair, and sort of implied that Brother Mattox and his friends were trying to pull a slick one on the citizens and get some support under false pretenses. It will be interesting to follow the story and see what develops.

"As it used to be"

An advertisement each Saturday afternoon in the Louisville (Kentucky) Times invites people to attend "The Church Of Christ As It Used To Be — No Sunday School?' Now, that's brief and to the point; and somewhat reminiscent of a couple of congregations we heard about in Arizona and New Mexico a few years ago. One was the "Last Chance Church of Christ" and the other the "No Hope Church of Christ". Seems that "Last Chance" and "No Hope" are small country communities — but it seems a bit odd when you say it all together, don't you think?