Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 20, 1957
NUMBER 8, PAGE 9c,13c-14


Joe H. Morris, Rt. 6, Benton, Ky.. May 27. "Last night brought to a close a very fine meeting with the church at Leana, Tenn. Sixteen were baptized and one restored. There was not a small audience during the meeting. Bro. Mason Tucker is doing a great work there. I begin at Nolansville, Tenn., on July 8. The work at Sharpe goes well."

Hubert Moss, 4541 Birkenhead Road, Jacksonville, Florida: "Paul Brock, Dyersburg, Tenn. preached the word in a series of meetings here at Lakeshore recently. The preaching was excellent, attendance was good, many outside the church visited, and the interest and enthusiasm generally was very high throughout. Eight souls were immersed into the Lord. We believe many others were impressed with the truth and will obey soon with more teaching. One has been immersed since the meeting closed. Brock is highly respected for his work in this effort, and I can personally recommend him to churches for his soundness and ability. He is awake to current trends and innovations and is not unwilling to speak his convictions and contend for "the old paths".

Luther G. Roberts, Box 6086, Amarillo, Texas: "The Olsen Park Church met for the first Lord's day in its new building at Andrews and Sunlite Streets May 26, 1957. Two have been identified with the church and one restored since that date. Attendance records for Bible study and worship have been set since entering the new building. Also, elders have been appointed after the church has been meeting a little more than one year. The building is located on a two acre plot of ground in the extreme southwest section of Amarillo. Foy E. Wallace, Jr., is to preach in a meeting with this congregation July 1-10.

J. David Taylors, Box 29, Tarzan, Texas, May 22, 1957: "After a try-out visit with this good church and an agreement reached for this church to send a committee to visit the elders where I then regularly labored, (Grassland Church), and such was done, then Mrs. Taylor and myself began work here in March.

We gladly referred this church to elders a J. Stanley, and Jere Young, of Grassland church where our membership has been for some time and where we have enjoyed a very, very good work till we came here."

A VISIT TO THE HOME OF A JEWISH PHYSICIAN Gus Winter, 63 Church Road, Levittown, L. I. New York, "On Monday evening, April 22, Gordon B. Fagg accompanied me to the home of Dr. S. T. Michalover of East Williston, Long Island. The Doctor was reared in a conservative Jewish home, but in recent years has not attended services in any Jewish synagogue, center or temple. His wife was at one time a faithful member of a rural church near Montgomery, Alabama. She is not attending any church of Christ regularly, but has occasionally attended our church at Malverne, L. I. We were graciously received by Dr. Michalover and his wife. They accepted our bulletin and tracts. From what Mrs. Michalover told us we were convinced that she has drifted from her early religious faith. They gave me an attentive hearing as I explained why we believe the testimony of Jesus' apostles in the New Testament setting Him forth as the promised Messiah, the Son of God and our Savior from sin, and why we should receive it and give it favorable consideration. We were invited back for another visit."

M. T. Bishop, Box 397, Haskell, Oklahoma: "The work of Brother Rodney Wald and the church in Warner's Bay, N. S. W., Australia, continues in a good way. Attendance is on the increase both in children's Bible classes and the worship service. The average attendance for children's Bible classes is 40 and the attendance at the adult worship services now averages 10 to 15.

On December 3 a woman was baptized into Christ. A man and his wife came from the Christian church around the first of the year. On March 11 two more adults were baptized. Shortly after that a man, his wife, and adult son began attending the services. The man had been a member of the church in Scotland at one time, although he had been attending the Methodist church with is family. He had done some preaching for a non-denominational group and Brother Wald states he is making splendid progress toward a return to the truth. The church at Warney's Bay now numbers eleven.

Because of the splendid attendance in their Bible classes, this group must enlarge their facilities. The present building has been moved toward the back of the lot and ground has been cleared for the new auditorium and classroom building. They will continue to use the old structure for classrooms. Some of the money is on hand for the new building, but they still need approxiately $1,000 to $1,500 to complete and furnish it.

The contribution recently reached a new high of seven pounds ($15.75). Since the average income of the Australian is about $27.50 a week, this is a good contribution. There are only four wage earners in the congregation. The payment on their new building will be five pounds a week ($11.25). They would appreciate your help.

If you desire further information concerning the work, you may write the Elders, 41st Street Church of Christ. 2302 W . 41st.. Tulsa 7, Oklahoma, or M. T. Bishop, Box 397, Haskell, Oklahoma. Contributions or letters of encouragement can be sent to Brother Rodney Wald, 5 Belford Street, Broadmeadow, N. S. W.. Australia. A 25e air mail letter will reach him in five days and he can cash personal, bank, and cashier's checks or international money orders. Why not write him today?

Paul C. Keller, Box 365, Paragould, Arkansas, May 29, 1957: "I recently preached in a meeting at Batesville, Miss. One was baptized. Harvey Williams is doing a fine work with the church there. Our work at Second and Walnut continues to go forward in a good way. Last Sunday one was baptized and another confessed sinss."

R. L. Box, 1409 College Avenue. Carrollton, Texas: "After almost ten years with the Thirtieth Street and Sixth Avenue Church in Port Arthur and one year in mission work in East Texas. I have moved to Carrollton, Texas to work with the College Avenue Church. Interest is good and we believe a good work can be done in the days that are ahead. Please note change of address."

R. G. Lovelady: "T have signed propositions for public discussion with G. E. Griffin of Lubbock, Texas, a Primitive Baptist. Dates have been set for August 12 thru 15th. Two nights shall be in their building in Bell, Calif., and two nights in our building on Clarkdale Ave.. Norwalk, Calif. The propositions deal with conditional or unconditional salvation. Another gospel meeting is scheduled to be in the church at Lancaster, Calif. (in Sejt.) where brother Willis Grooms is the faithful preacher. Two were baptized last week resulting from our Cottage studies with one of the men in the congregation doing the teaching."

C. D., Plum, 4185 E. Main Street, Columbus 13, Ohio: "One brother restored at Whithall-Columbus, Ohio (Route 40) yesterday."

Richard E. Donley, Box 316, Garnerville, N.Y.: "The good church in Castleberry, Fort Worth, is supporting me to preach the gospel in this area. There is a small church here in Garnerville (just north of New York City,) and we hope by the grace of God to build it up to a strong one."

Brethren F. I. Stanley,. of Midland, Texas, and Gene Frost, of Houston, Texas, will debate the cooperation question, June 18-21, in El Paso, Texas.

Each of the four nights will be given to a discussion of a separate proposition, as follows:

I. "The Scriptures teach that churches of Christ may send financial assistance to another congregation only when the receiving church is in physical need so that there may be equality."

Gene Frost, affirms F. I. Stanley, denies

II. "The Scriptures teach that churches of Christ are at liberty to send funds to another congregation to assist her in preaching the gospel in such arrangement as the 'Herald of Truth' radio program."

F. I. Stanley, affirms Gene Frost, denies

III. "The Scriptures teach that churches of Christ may maintain benevolent institutions such as Boles Home and Lubbock Children's Home."

F. I. Stanley, affirms Gene Frost, denies

IV. "The Scriptures teach that churches of Christ are to accomplish their benevolent work without such arrangement as Boles Home and Lubbock Children's Home. '

Gene Frost, affirms F. I. Stanley, denies

Brethren within reach are invited to attend the discussion, which will be conducted at Plumbers' Hall, 2800 East Yandell.

Moderator for Stanley will be brother Ross of Portales, New Mexico, and for Frost, brother W.L. Wharton, Odessa, Texas.

124 E. Center, Miss., June 10, 1957: "The church in Canton has just completed (June 2-9) a meeting with Brother James L. Gay of the East Fraser church in Memphis. His plain and pointed lessons meant much to the edification of the church here. His fearlessness and boldness of delivery combined with his love for lost souls commend his preaching to all."

Eugene Britnell, Box 83, Tuckerman, Ark., June 1: "I have just closed a short meeting with the Island church near Newport, Arkansas, with seven baptisms and one restoration. On June 17 I begin a meeting with the East-Side congregation in Russellville, Alabama. In July, I will be with the congregations in Lynn and Weiner, Arkansas, and in our meeting here with Bro. T. T. Carney doing the preaching."

Ralph Smart, P.O. Box 162, Dexter, Maine, June 7, 1957: "The Church in Dexter Maine held its first meeting May 27 through June 5. Although there were no Baptisms we were made much stronger by the preaching of Bro. F. B. Shepherd. Bro. Shepherd's preaching is the sound plain teaching that has always identified Gospel Preachers since the days of the Giants of old. Attendance was more than double the membership. Several visitors each night from denominational groups."

Hubert Moss, 4541 Birkenhead St., Jacksonville, Florida, May 31, 1957: "I would sincerely appreciate your giving space to the following item: Luther Johnson was recently retired from his work with the Naval Air Station. He will need to receive some support above his regular retirement fund to meet necessary living costs. He has had a wide range of experience in church music, as a student teacher of singing schools and as director. He would like to serve congregations by teaching singing schools or by leading singing in gospel meetings. He is a member of the Lake Shore church where I am preaching and I can heartily recommend him as a Christian. as sound in the faith, and as a capable teacher and director of church music. He can be of real service to churches and they in turn can be a means of needed support to him. I hope he will be kept active in this work. Contact: Luther Johnson, 2761 Myra Street, Jacksonville 5, Florida."