Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 13, 1957

"Cool Air Carpets"

Pryde E. Hinton, Dora, Alabama

Childhaven News for April carries an article by Brother Basil Overton about preachers who are "piously crying out in no uncertain terms against congregations that contribute money 'to such orphan homes" as Childhaven, et al. Brother Overton thinks that such men are inconsistent when they lead or teach congregations to spend the congregation's money for cool air, carpets and "artificial needs," whatever those things are. Perhaps many churches do spend money unwisely, even sinfully. But what does that prove about an organization with a board of trustees, president, treasurer, secretary, vice presidents, and superintendent, selected from different churches, doing "the work of Christ"?

Brother Overton will get sympathy from many by his reference to "little boys and girls who do not have 'mommies and daddies'," and are cared for by "such homes." He shoots at a fictitious preacher, when he insinuates that those who don't believe in "such homes" are "piously crying out in no uncertain terms against" bringing a group of orphans "under the same roof" in order to care for them. It is not their being "under the same roof" that we oppose, Brother Overton; it is that separate organization like Childhaven, operated by a board of trustees, president, vice presidents, secretary, treasurer, and superintendent, selected by mmbers of one church or many churches, to which I object — "ONLY THIS, AND NOTHING MORE." How can I say it in plainer, or in less "uncertain terms," brethren?

We say to "Digressives": "Since you say the society and instrumental music are not essential, are merely methods or aids, why do you contend for them even to the dividing of churches?" I say the same to my brethren who are frantically contending for "such homes." Are these homes the ONLY way to care for orphans? Would it be scriptural for the church itself, and only the church, to do this work? Yes? Well, then, what's all the fuss about? Let us get busy teaching and encouraging churches to do this "work of Christ."