Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 13, 1957


Floyd Thompson, P. O. Box 1313 Santa Ana, California, "We had our first service in our new building May 19. The building was full and overflowing. We have a beautiful lot of more than two acres. The lot is well located in one of the fastest growing sections in South California. We need a larger auditorium now. When in this section worship with us. We are on Berrydale between 17th and Garden Grove Blvd."

Keith J. Beaman, Wellington, Texas, April 29, 1957: "I will be available to move from Wellington at the close of the present school term. Therefore, I desire to contact congregations that may be interested in securing a man to work with them in the preaching of the gospel. I am terminating my work with the church in Wellington with the commendation of the elders and the good feeling of the congregation. I will be happy for those who may be interested to contact me by phone at 562 R, or by writing to Box 622, Wellington. References will be gladly supplied on request."

Harold Trimble, 220 Willard Drive, San Antonio, Texas, May 15, 1957: "We have just closed a good meeting at Haynesville, Louisiana with thirteen baptisms and two restorations. Roy Stevens is doing a good work there. The church seems to be in the best of condition."

Ira B. Sandusky, 12050 Lamanda St., Los Angeles, California: "The new congregation meeting in Municipal Building in Culver City was 4 months old yesterday, May 19. We have nearly $1,200.00 in our building fund and have a membership of about 36 after some moved away, but we have been averaging 45 attendance and our weekly offerings have averaged $157.00 since we began.

We do not hesitate to teach and speak out against sin and are letting all who attend our services know that we stand for doing things the Bible way and are showing the Bible way of serving the Lord does not require any organization but the Church to preach the Gospel. Nothing but the church to do the work of the church in caring for the needy and doing benevolent work, in other words we do not need an organization of any kind for that but the CHURCH OF THE LORD.

When coming our way let us know and we will be glad to have you speak for us at our services on Sunday or Thursday night. The West Culver City Church also stands for the TRUTH OF GOD and Bob Melear is doing a fine work there."

M. T. Bishop, Box 397, Haskell, Oklahoma: "On the nights of March 4 and 5, and March 18 and 19, Brother Rodney Wald, Broadmeadow, N. S. W., Australia, met in public discussion Mr. P. O. Barnard, Thornleigh, N. S. W., Australia. Mr. Barnard is a Christadelphian. The propositions were as follows:

Voyd N. Ballard, P. O. Box 707, Ventura, California, May 22, 1957: "From April 15 through April 25 I conducted a meeting in Henderson, Nevada where Gordon Wilson preaches. Interest was good, but there were no additions. The congregation is small in number, but strong in the faith.

May 6-22 I was in a good meeting with the new congregation meeting at 424 Sterling Road in East Bakersfield, California. Attendance and interest were very good and five were restored to Christ. I will return to this congregation for another meeting August 26 through September 8.

The Sterling Road congregation started about three months ago with some 40 members from the Goodman Street congregation and already has an attendance of 85. The start of this congregation was necessary because the work at Goodman Street had grown beyond the seating capacity of the building. Both of these congregations are faithful to Christ and are abiding in the doctrine, walking in fellowship with God and with each other.

I am in position to conduct some meetings from time to time and would be glad to hear from any congregation that could use me.

"1 Resolved: The Scriptures teach that the soul or spirit of a man is conscious from death till the resurrection and will never cease to exist.

Brother Wald — Affirms Mr. Barnard — Denies

2 Resolved: The scriptures teach that the kingdom of God, to be inherited by Christ and His saints, is to be established on this earth as the restored kingdom of Israel.

Mr. Barnard — Affirms Brother Wald — Denies

Good crowds were present each evening, with the first two nights being in Windsor, N. S. W., Australia and the last two nights being in Parramutta, N. S. W., Australia. Around 75 people were present the first two nights in Windsor, but the last two there were about 175 present each evening.

Brother Wald returned to Windsor after the last two sessions of the discussion to conduct a gospel mission (meeting) for the congregation there. The discussion should do much good for the last two nights were conducted in a Christadelphian stronghold. Many heard the truth for the first time and much good is expected to be derived from these discussions."