Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 13, 1957


W. W. Otey, Winfield, Kansas

For some time little has appeared in the Gospel Guardian from me. Some have urged me to write more often. Some seem to wonder if the same fate may have overtaken me that General MacArthur said happens to old soldiers: "They never die. They just fade away." During 1955, the last year of more than four years of Mother's sickness, I was by her side day and night, giving medicine to ease her great pain, and strengthening her spirit for the Call which we expected almost daily. During that year of anxious vigil, I wrote, "The Tree of Life Lost and Regained." It came from the press a little more than a year ago. It has been read by more readers than any one of the books bearing my name. Some have read it, they tell me, two and three times.

On July 23, 1956, our heavenly Father mercifully released my companion from all her pain and took her home. During my mature years, while working on one job I have always been planning what I would do when that particular task was finished. But when Mother went away I did not have a single thing planned for the future. It was a new experience for me, and I sincerely think I wanted to lie down and awake in a better world. But in the grief-stricken hours of loneliness, the words of Jesus came vividly to my mind, "Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life." There was still work to be done! I started at once writing "Living Issues — Volume II." This manuscript has been finished, and is now in the hands of Brother Tant. It is my hope that I may write some short articles now for the Gospel Guardian from time to time. I am also writing some things that may be found here after the Call has come to me.

In regard to my general health, I can see but little change during the last several years. When one passes ninety, of course, there can not be much of life left. But if my close friends discern any noticeable deterioration of vigor of body or mental alertness, they kindly (but perhaps unwisely) fail to inform me. Anyhow, while I can have any evidence at all that my writings may be of help or encouragement to others, I shall keep busy.