Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 6, 1957


M. C. Cuthbertson, Box 6391, Tucson, Arizona, Nay 11: "Our new building is now complete, and we are Using it. Two have been baptized, three by membership, and two confessed neglect of duty since entering our new building. Our church property is valued at more than two hundred thousand dollars.

"I did the preaching in a good meeting with the Kaizer congregation, Salem, Oregon. Two were baptized, and we enjoyed record attendance. Brother E. J. Berry is now working with this church. Brethren Bryant and Underwood directed the singing. A new congregation has just been started in Woodburn, Oregon. Members from both of the Salem congregations make up the New congregation. Brother Choice Bryant is their preacher."

Joe H. Morris, West Frankfort, Illinois, May 5: "Am in a fine meeting with the church here. Splendid attendance at every service. Brother W. E. Bingham is the respected evangelist, and is doing a good work. This is the first meeting in their pretty, new building. I begin with Mason Tucker and the church in Leana, Rutherford County, Tennessee, on May 20. We make some progress at Sharpe."

Floyd Embree, Rt. 1, Box 570-A, Yuma, Arizona: "In September I completed three years of pleasant work with the brethren at Ontario, California, and moved to Yuma. I preached every Sunday at Ontario until the middle of November when they secured the services of Jesse Brookshire. I am in Yuma because of my youngest boy's asthma. Am teaching school, conducting Cottage Bible classes, and preaching when opportunity presents itself. Four have been baptized of late as a result of Cottage Bible classes conducted in members homes. Ted Bollier and Tom Baker are faithful evangelists for the church here."

Eaten Macon, Helena, Georgia, May 16: "I began work with the church here on May 10, where I found four members meeting in a rented store building. This is the only church in two counties. Indeed, a great door has been opened. Churches in Cannon, Warren, and Coffee County, Tennessee, are supporting me. My home congregation is aiding, too. Westwood, in McMinnville, helped to raise support and moved us here. The church meets in Helena on Highways 23 and 341."

R. A. Ginn, 2914 - 7th Street, Meridian, Mississippi, May 17: "Initial services were conducted on May 12 by the Highland Avenue church of Christ in Meridian. This is the second congregation in a city of more than 60,000. The new church is presently comprised of four families and meets in a nice house that was remodeled for the purpose. R. A. Ginn, preacher for the Seventh Street church, will also preach for this church until other arrangements can be made for another man. Morning worship begins each Lord's Day at 10:00 a.m., and evening services at 6:00 p.m. The building is located on Highland Avenue at 29th Street. When passing through Meridian, worship with us."

Hoyt H. Houchen, 1403 Hicks, San Antonio, Texas, May 13: "After almost four years with the Highland church in San Antonio, Texas, it is my decision to leave and I am to begin work with the Fourth and Groesbeck church in Lufkin, Texas, June 1st. My work is to begin there with a gospel meeting, June 2-9. George T. Jones of Kilgore, Texas, has been selected to follow me at Highland. My best wishes and prayers are for him and the good church at Highland in San Antonio. Correspondents will please note my new address: 417 Groesbeck, Lufkin, Texas."

E. M. Lambert, Elder, Northside Church of Christ, Abilene, Texas, May 6: "Brother C. R. Nichol of Clifton, Texas, has just closed an eight day meeting with us here at the Northside congregation in Abilene, Texas. We feel it was one of the very finest meetings we have ever had in many ways, and the best we have had for our own members. We had an hour of study each evening, before the preaching hour, in which anyone might ask questions which bothered him and Brother Nichol would discuss them in the light of God's Word. Our elders and deacons were especially strengthened and the congregation as a whole built up spiritually by this study period. I feel this was the best plan we have ever followed in meeting the spiritual needs of our members, my only regrets is that we only had an eight day meeting, we needed at least another week."

Bible Majors At I.C.C.

Joseph Cannon, Ibaraki-ken, Japan: "The Bible Department is entering its second year of a three Bible Major training program with an encouraging enrollment. This year will see a total of at least thirteen Bible majors. This includes three young men from Okinawa. Although we do not have a 'preacher factory,' we are trying to give adequate training to those who desire to devote themselves to preaching the gospel. Our school is in a position now to give training for preachers of the gospel, through a double major program similar to that which David Lipscomb College gave for fifty years in Nashville as a Junior College."

FIRST ANNUAL BIBLE LECTURESHIP AT I.C.C. Joseph Cannon, Ibaraki-ken, Japan: "The Bible Department of Ibaraki Christian College conducted a three day lectureship for preachers, evangelists, Bible teachers, and church leaders. Brethren came from all over Japan to participate in this inspiring fellowship. Brother A. R. Holton from the 16th and Decatur Streets church in Washington, D.C., who is now working in Korea, was the featured speaker. In the morning sessions he addressed the group on the lectureship theme, 'The Preacher and His Problems.' Seven sessions were held daily, and addresses were heard on subjects such as Planned Preaching; Building the Local Church; The Church of Christ, Its Nature, Worship, and Work; The Mission of the Evangelists; and the Meaning of the Gospel. Periods of worship, questions, and discussions were also held. Over one hundred preachers and church leaders participated in the meetings. The meetings were held in the beautiful elevated music room of the high school. The dormitory and dining hall facilities were also made available by the college. We believe that the cause of Christ was forwarded and the Lord glorified as a result of this fine gathering of brethren."

EVANGELISM AT IBARAKI CHRISTIAN COLLEGE Joseph Cannon: "Here at Omika on the campus of I.C.C. we have a unique opportunity to reach young people with the gospel of Christ. Although Christian education is provided in a Christian atmosphere for members of the church, we also have a challenge in those who have not heard the gospel before.

"Besides daily Bible classes and chapel services, there are many aggressive evangelistic activities on the campus. The college church conducts regular services which our dormitory students attend, plus special young people's classes and activities. There is a Bible study conducted weekly in the home of Brother Nagano, also, an English Bible class conducted by Mowrer. Vesper services are held in all the dormitories and the students conduct special study groups similar to the personal evangelism and mission study groups at Christian colleges in the United States.

"Besides this, there are special lectureships conducted regularly by visiting speakers from America. Recent visitors have been brothers James Bales, Reuel Lemmons, and A. R. Holton. Add to this our Annual Bible Lectureship for church leaders and the constant stream of visiting preachers that come our way, and you can see that students who are of a good and honest heart will have occasion to know of Jesus Christ and Him crucified.

"As a result many students are converted each year, and every year we find young men giving up their worldly ambitions to serve Christ as evangelists and church leaders. Pray for this work and help us as you can,"