Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
March 20, 1958

Gap Is Down

Billye F. Fielder, Nashville, Tennessee

The gap is down!! Everything finds entrance!! By noticing bulletins as they come to my desk I find that almost every sectarian attachment has been accepted by the Lord's church. Churches directly support practically all types of institutions; send contributions to every work (good and bad); build their recreational facilities right into the "plant;" do their entertaining in the church houses; establish Bible camps at the expense of the Lord's treasury; hire their youth directors and assistant piddling pastors; form their choruses; organize ball teams; ask for the sponsorship of business places; offend none at all; and generally compromise the truth in every realm if "it is expedient." This is said to have an opportunity to say that also we have opened the gate in plans and schemes to raise money for the body of Christ. Is the Lord's plan sufficient any longer? Oh, no! We can devise more productive methods. Better yet we can allow the business men of the city to set our patterns for us.

Just last week Harveys (Here in Nashville) very liberally offered to give a percentage of sales to "the church of your choice" provided the purchaser indicated the "church of his choice" on the back of the sales slip. For Mr. Harvey this was a charitable act. For the sectarian, this was helpful — but for New Testament churches — no, thank you. At least, that has been the attitude since the restoration — but today — the gap is down. Many brethren felt and feel that this is a fine opportunity for us to get some extra money — we do need it so badly. Let the business men of the world finance the work of the church — ah, what a plan!! Some even went so far as to make a public announcement at the assembly encouraging this move. How proud we must be when we get the world to support the preached word!! Rubbish! I repeat — the gap is down!!

— Riverside Drive Bulletin.