Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
January 9, 1958
NUMBER 35, PAGE 11b-12


THE WORK IN LAS VEGAS, NEW MEXICO Claude Roberts, Las Vegas, New Mexico: "My eyes have been opened, and my heart made sad indeed, to learn how badly the gospel of our Lord needs to be preached in the state of New Mexico, and more especially in this part of the state. This is a Catholic stronghold, and what they will not do to hinder and stop the work of the church of our Lord, has not been written.

I have been here only a short time, but I have learned some of the things my brethren have suffered for the cause of Christ, at the hands of the Catholics. I now more fully realize and appreciate what such men as L. R. Wilson, O. C. Lambert, and many others, have been doing against this heresy. And I pray God that they may have all the support they need to continue the fight against this false doctrine.

The cause of Christ needs so much support here, you would not, perhaps believe me if I could tell you just how much. I can see so much that needs to be done, it makes me sad to think of it. To those men who have labored here and other hard places in this state, I thank God for their courage, zeal, and love for him who died for us all. I also know some of the suffering our Spanish brethren have undergone for the cause of Christ here, and I am sure at other places as well.

To you brethren in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee and other places where Catholicism is not so strong, I sincerely hope and pray that you may fully realize the threat of this false doctrine to the cause of our Lord, and also to our nation. May your hearts be touched and your minds opened to the great need so ably set forth in the Voice of Freedom, and other publications, against this force of evil.

The church here is so burdened with indebtedness, that it is not able to undertake a large program to further the cause of Christ. Other churches have been supporting a full-time preacher here since this congregation was started. This is truly a mission field, and a hard Place to spread the gospel, because the Catholics dominate in everything. I could tell you of one incident that would make your heart bleed, if you really have the love of God in your heart, but for the safety of the property of the church, and other reasons, I will refrain from doing so.

We have two young men, who are attending Highlands University, preaching for us now, with very little expense to the church. I am speaking twice a week over the radio. The work of the Lord is moving along well, considering our ability in every respect.

This is not a plea for support of the church here, because the members do not know I am writing this article, although they certainly could use a lot of financial assistance. But this is to help, in my feeble way, to inform you of the threat of Catholicism to the cause of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ."

James L. Denison, Box 516, Boling, Texas: "The meeting at Boling was well attended, no additions. I did the preaching."

Ford Carpenter, Evangelist, Spring & Delta Church of Christ, 1401 W. Spring St., Long Beach, Calif.: "There is to be a debate sometime next summer in this area between Brother Lloyd Moyer of Richmond, Calif., and Brother Vance Corruth of Bellflower, Calif., (Clark & Park congregation). Time and place will be announced later. We had thought that we might use the auditorium at George Pepperdine College, but that could not be done. We will probably rent one of the High School Auditoriums in Long Beach.

The propositions to be discussed are:

RESOLVED: Such arrangements on the part of Churches of Christ for the preaching of the gospel as "The Herald of Truth" is without scriptural authority.

Affirm: Lloyd Moyer Deny: Vance Carruth

RESOLVED: Such arrangements on the part of Churches of Christ for the preaching of the gospel as "The Herald of Truth" is scriptural.

Affirm: Vance Carruth Deny: Lloyd Moyer

RESOLVED: It is scriptural for Churches of Christ to build, maintain, work through, and/or contribute to such benevolent organizations as Boles Home, Tipton's Home, Ontario Children's Home, etc.

Affirm: Vance Carruth Deny: Lloyd Moyer

RESOLVED: For Churches of Christ to build, maintain, work through, and/or contribute to such benevolent organizations as Boles Home, Tipton's Home, Ontario Children's Home, etc., is without scriptural authority.

Affirm: Lloyd Moyer Deny: Vance Carruth

We believe an open discussion of these issues is badly needed in this area, and we are convinced that the two men selected can present the two positions plainly and positively.

Bro. Moyer will be supported by the church at Spring & Delta in Long Beach, and Bro. Carruth by his home congregation at Clark & Park in Bellflower. Bro. Moyer has had several debates on these issues, and he has spoken on them in many places across the country, so we believe no one is better informed as to the issues involved. Bro. Carruth is taking some special work at Geo. Pepperdine College, and is coaching the debate team. He has participated in about a hundred debates. We believe, therefore, that he can ably present his position on these things.

These brethren have no personal wrangle that could be involved in this discussion, but it will be a matter of a discussion of each one's position in the light of scripture.

We know that nothing but good can come from such a discussion.

Can A School Serve The Church?

Charles W. Doyle, Omika, Hitachi-shi, Ibaraki Ken, Japan: "The monthly news-letter of Ibaraki Christian College bears the motto, "Serving the Church in Japan." Recently, a brother in conversation with me took exception to this. He argued that since the local church is all- sufficient to accomplish the purposes of God on earth it is presumptuous and sinful for a human organization like a school to claim to be serving the church. Further, since the task of teaching and preaching the gospel was committed only to the church, a school which has this for its purpose is a rival organization robbing the church of its glory, and thus has no right to exist. I felt in talking to the brother, and I feel now, that there is really nothing in the nature of this case to cause such confusion of thought.

It is obvious to all, I am sure, that if individuals at a school teach the Bible it does not mean the institution is usurping the prerogatives of the local church; nor does it in any way minimize the value and necessity of the local church. Is there any one who seriously believes that Bible teaching must be confined to the local church assemblies? Just because one activity of each (Bible teaching) is the same does not mean the school and church rival each other, nor that the former is being substituted for the latter. The two are entirely different organizations existing for different purposes, having the one point in common; namely, the Bible is taught in each.

It is because the Bible is taught at Ibaraki Christian College that we can truthfully say the school is serving the church. Naturally, we do not mean that it is serving the local church directly as some sort of auxilliary organization. Rather, it is serving individual Christians directly and the church as a whole indirectly. If this service to the church were not being rendered by Christian schools, Christians would not be interested in the teaching and administrative duties, and other Christians would not be interested in supporting them financially.

Ibaraki Christian College helps Christian families in Japan. About 10 per cent of the students entering I.C.C. are already believers. Their faith in Christ and their knowledge of the Bible are deepened from their contact with Christian teachers and from daily Bible study and worship. The churches are benefitted because these young men and women go out better equipped to take the leadership in preaching and teaching and other church work. One concrete example of this is the small church in the city of Taira. Three of the six members are graduates of I.C.C. One (a man) teaches the mid-week Bible class, and the other two are Sunday School teachers.

Further, the cause of Christ as a whole is greatly benefitted by the large number of conversions that take place on the campus. Though only 10 per cent of the students on entering are Christians, at least fifty per cent have become Christians by the time they graduate. We are now graduating about 120 high school students and 150 college students each year. Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that Ibaraki Christian College is serving the church in Japan."