Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 14, 1957
NUMBER 28, PAGE 12-13a

Reading The Bulletins

Charles. A. Holt - P. O. Box 493 - Florence, Alabama

News From Here And There

Marshall Patton, Who Has Been With The North Birmingham Church For About Five Years, Is Moving To Orlando, Florida Shortly After The First Of The Year. He Will Work With The Holden Heights Church Of The City. Jerry Belchick, The Present Preacher For Holden Heights, Is Going With A New Congregation Which Is Being Started .. . . James Peevyhouse Has Moved To Buckner, Illinois To Work With The Willow Branch Church. He Has Been With The Municipal Airport Church In Valdosta, Georgia .... Lawrence Hazelip, Who Has Been With The Central Church In Valdosta, Georgia For Several Years, Is Soon To Move To Pasadena, Texas To Work With The Church There . . . . Harry Thomas, Jr. Has Moved To Canton, Ohio, Where He Is Laboring With The Walnut Avenue Church . . . . Jack Hobby Has Moved From Calico Rock, Arkansas To Cocoa, Florida To Work With The New Congregation In That City . . . . L. E. Sloan Is Now With The Church In Bardstown, Kentucky. He Was With The Church In Medina, Tennessee. . . . . Harvey Williams Has Moved From Batesville, Mississippi To Work With The Church In Medina, Tennessee .... Floyd M. Myers, Jr. Has Moved From Portland, Indiana To Richmond, Indiana . . . . E. W. Stovall Is Leaving Pocahontas, Arkansas. Frank Gould Is Moving Back To Pocahontas To Work With The Church There Again. This Will Make His Third Time To Labor With Them . . . . Paul Foutz Is Leaving Fort Worth Where He Has Labored For Several Years With The Castleberry Church, And Is Moving To Odessa, Texas . . . . Robert Welch, Who Is Now With The Oak Grove Church In Louisville, Kentucky, Will Move To Birmingham The First Of The Year To Work With The North Birmingham Congregation . . . Elmer Moore Has Moved To Gladewater, Texas, Where He Will Work With The New Congregation In The City. He Was With The Union Road Church In Lufkin, Texas . . . . The Glendale Church In Glendale, California Conducted An All-State Youth Bible Rally, August 16-18, On The Campus Of Pepperdine College In Los Angeles. We Are Told On The Advertising That The "Entire Rally Under Supervision Of Elders Of Glendale Congregation." On And On We Go With Promotional Schemes Of One Kind Or The Other! Does The Children's Home In Lubbock Really Belong To The Broadway Church? Is It Really Their Work? I Wonder. I Notice That Each Month In The Financial Report That Broadway Is Listed Along With Other Churches As Contributing To The Project. Is This A Case Of Broadway Contributing To Herself? If This Home Is Not Something Other Than Broadway At Work, Why Do They Thus Contribute To Themselves? In June, 1957, Broadway Contributed $1,629.20 And Received From Other Churches And From Individuals The Total Of $3,709.24. When These Other Churches Contribute Do They Give To The Broadway Church Or To The Children's Home? The Complicated Machinery Involved In Some Of The Grand Projects Sponsored By Some Of The Brethren Today Put The Machinery Of The Original Missionary Society Set-Up Way Out Of Date .... What Is A Church Of Christ Bible Chair? I Have Been Reading A Lot About Them Lately. In The A & M Christian, Published At College Station, Texas, Which Has To Do With The Work Of The Church Of Christ Bible Chair At Texas A & M, There Is A Financial Report Given In The September Issue. I Note That Churches Contribute To This Bible Chair. Is This Bible Chair A Separate Organization From The Church? It Seems That It Is. Is It An Organization Of The Church? I Note That These Bible Chairs Can Do Most Anything In The Way Of Entertainment And Recreation. They Are Always Sponsoring Some Sort Of Fun And Frolic. Is This The Church At Work? Under Such A Disguise, And While Brethren Sleep, The Devil Is Filling The Church With Worldliness And A Social Gospel. Apostasy Is Well On Its Way. Spiritual Life Is The Title Of A Little Semimonthly Paper Published By The Central Church In Kilgore, Texas. Osby Weaver Is The Editor. It Is A Dandy Paper And Needs To Be Read By All. Address: Box 822 .... It Is Very Good To See The Increase In The Number Of Publications Such As The Above That Have Risen Up Among Us. There Is Room For "Many-A-More." Through This Means Many Can Be Reached With The Truth Who Would Not Be Otherwise. The Sower Is The Name Of A Fine Publication Published By The Tuckerman, Arkansas Church, With Eugene Britnell As The Editor. The Kentucky Bible Banner, Edited By William Wallace, 113 W. 17Th, Owensboro, Kentucky, Is The Latest Addition To This Field. It Is An Excellent Little Paper That Will Do Much Good. Paul Lusby Edits A Monthly Paper, Published By The Pleasant Valley Church In Amarillo, Texas. It Is Very Good. The Apostolic Voice Is The Name Of The Splendid Mineographed Weekly Published By The Church In Blytheville, Arkansas. Jesse Kelley Is The Editor. We Welcome All Of These Papers, And The Others Of The Same Kind, Into The Field Of Literature. May God Grant That These Efforts May Be The Means Of Reaching Some With The Truth And In Helping Stay The March Of Apostasy Which Threatens The Church .... Let Me Express My Deep Appreciation Once More For All Of The Bulletins Sent To Me And For Every Other Publication That Comes My Way. Please Favor Me With Your Bulletin Or Publication.

The United Fund

Recently I received a letter from the local chairman of the United Fund urging that I encourage members here to support the present drive for funds. This I cannot do, for I personally cannot subscribe to the Fund for reasons of religious conviction.

The United Fund represents a homogenized mixture of numerous charity and social organizations. Some are civic in nature, and others are religious. In the religious group are found Jewish, Catholic and Protestant organizations. I am neither Jewish, Catholic nor Protestant, and feel no obligation to support these institutions either as a member of the community or as a Christian. Why, for instance, should I give of my means to support a Jewish cause which denies Jesus as Christ, Savior and Lord? Or why should I give to a Catholic cause which, contrary to my deepest convictions, has ruling over it a man which they style "Lord God the Pope," when the Bible declares that Christ is "the blessed and only Potentate" over us? And why should these churches even expect members of a community who do not believe their tenets to support their charities?

Some organizations sustained by the United Fund are worthy civic enterprises, and which I as a good citizen would wish to support. It is regretted that one cannot support them without a part of his funds going to groups which he cannot conscientiously endorse.

The United Fund slogan is: "Give a day's pay — it is the American way." The American way is one of freedom of choice and conviction. When businesses exert pressure to coerce employees to give so the firm might be able to display the "100% banner," this is not the American way! Religious convictions cannot be sacrificed to this popular drive. — Waymon D. Miller, Northside News, Ft. Worth

America Could Learn From India

The International Press Bulletin recently carried this interesting item:

"The Government of India has issued a number of regulations aimed at eliminating liquor from public life. There is to be:

"No alcoholic think served at state functions.

"No liquor advertisements accepted in India-owned newspapers.

"Elimination of all drinking scenes from motion pictures.

"No serving of liquor on all dining cars of trains and in refreshment rooms of railways.

"Diplomatic representatives abroad are to substitute fruit juices for cocktails at all official functions.

"No person who carries on trade in liquor or is addicted to drink shall be eligible for election as a Congress delegate."

The people of India are to be congratulated. Their leaders manifest a wisdom which might well be imitated by the rulers of all nations.

— 20th Century Christian